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  1. Lannes

    NGD after a long hiatus...

    Thanks. I took a big chance and left with nothing lined up, but is was absolutely necessary for me to leave. I worked there as long as I could and not one minute more. I got lucky and a colleague that left 2 weeks before I did put in a good word for me where he went and I start there in a couple...
  2. Lannes

    NGD after a long hiatus...

    It is a 2021 Unburst. The thing that I am loving the most is how far these Les Pauls have come from the ones I used to have. This one "chimes" unplugged and the controls are super responsive in cleaning up overdrive. That's something that my two previous Les Pauls (79 Custom and 04 Classic)...
  3. Lannes

    NGD after a long hiatus...

    After wandering the wilderness for several years where professional pressures sapped my will do most everything except survive another day in corporate hell, I recently left the toxic hell-hole I worked at for the past 6 years and am slowly rediscovering all the things I used to love to...
  4. Lannes

    RIP Keith Emerson

    One of the most influential musicians to my younger self back in the 70's in the way genres could be bended and blended into something wonderful... RIP
  5. Lannes

    ZZ Top: Like I've Never Seen Them!

    I've always liked this one of the Rev.
  6. BFG PG

    BFG PG

  7. Lannes

    Bands who ditch the set setlist

    Best bands I've ever seen for throwing out any song at any position in their set lists are Phish and Widespread Panic. Unique sets every show.
  8. Lannes

    Anyone going to see Iron Maiden?

    I hear ya....Saw them on the Number of the Beast tour through the No Prayer For the Dying tour and would love to see them one more time. :dude:
  9. Lannes

    Ghost B.C.

    Great band. Need to pick up the new album.
  10. Lannes

    The Peter Frampton Appreciation Thread

    Boy, do I have serious GAS for one of those....but a tad too steep for me to justify.
  11. Lannes

    The Peter Frampton Appreciation Thread

    Peachtree City is a very well-to-do planned city south of Atlanta. If she was that close to the stage, she was a season ticket holder, thus rich, thus the local cops would handle with care- politics in other words. :cool:
  12. Lannes

    The Peter Frampton Appreciation Thread

    Good show last night in Peachtree City. It was at one of those amphitheater type joints that have tables up front and seats behind those. Probably half the capacity of the place are season ticket holders. Cheap Trick did a great set and the crowd, on average, responded better to them than...
  13. Lannes

    The Peter Frampton Appreciation Thread

    Going to see Frampton and Cheap Trick tonight in Peachtree City, GA. Can't wait.
  14. 610MRPTTJ1L. SX442 BO1,204,203,200

    610MRPTTJ1L. SX442 BO1,204,203,200

  15. Lannes

    Bloom County Returns!

    Gotta be a lot of folks on here around my age that will rejoice at this news... :) 'Bloom County 2015': Berkeley Breathed Revives Comic Strip : The Two-Way : NPR
  16. Lannes

    Airborne, Airborne, All the... Wha?

    Old 19D from 2nd Armored here.....Hell On Wheels...
  17. Lannes

    Airborne, Airborne, All the... Wha?

    :doh: LOL.....
  18. Lannes

    Airborne, Airborne, All the... Wha?

    Unfortunately, this is inline with the current political strategy that wars can be won, or at least contained, without boots on the ground. Interesting that Russia and China still maintain 4 and 3, respectively, division-sized airborne/air assault elements.
  19. Lannes

    RIP Chris Squire

    My all time favorite bassist. The way he and the others in Yes shaped my very young musical mind back in the day is immeasurable. A great, great loss.

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