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  1. tspoon5150

    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    The Original Finish Aging, maybe ML is on to something.
  2. tspoon5150

    Reissue's VS Heritage.....

    If you copy Gibson, you will receive a nice letter from Gibson that says cease or decease. No offense. Just ask some of the builders that tried and failed. Glad I had Preb make my Gil before he got a letter. Kind of funny that Gibson made a run of Slash’s Artist Series AFD, copy of a copy, but...
  3. tspoon5150

    Broken mirrors from Murphy Lab

    Thank You, That was what I was thinking
  4. tspoon5150

    Broken mirrors from Murphy Lab

    Does the warranty only cover the aging damage or does it apply to natural damage also? I could only guess if it got sent back for woke damage. LOL
  5. tspoon5150


    Nice, GLWTS
  6. tspoon5150

    Sick Pic of The Old 2001 R8

    Good Lord, That's Sick Killer One, Nice Find
  7. tspoon5150

    Gibson Les Paul 2003 Brazilan R9 **SOLD**

    Here, hold my beer, check this out.
  8. tspoon5150

    FIRE Bombs!

    Yeah, and I like PRS Private Stock. I seen a couple more in the back. LOL
  9. tspoon5150

    FIRE Bombs!

    Good Lord..... Frickin Over Kill. A Beauty Indeed.
  10. tspoon5150

    2015 Heavy Aged Historic Select

    Great Find, Looks Killer Congrats
  11. tspoon5150

    Gibson Les Paul 2003 Brazilan R9 **SOLD**

    Up to the top. Ain't that a knee knocker. Weeee Doggy....
  12. tspoon5150

    Will Gibson Make Another Collectors Choice Run??

    In the past, before the Collectors Choice Series, there were copies (mainly the color) of guitars from Beauty of the Burst Book. During that run, I bought a few Historic guitars based from that book, example was a certain well known guitar from different pages of that book. After that series of...
  13. tspoon5150

    FS: Gibson Collector's Choice #2- backdoor sold....

    That's what I talking bout
  14. tspoon5150

    2007 or 2014

    The 2007 had the secret stash of wood that everyone talks about. It was special mahogany from Honduras area, deep in the jungle. I would pick the one that plays like butter.
  15. tspoon5150

    Will Gibson Make Another Collectors Choice Run??

    Gibson will making some more, I can not reveal them as I had to sign a secret agreement not to expose the future candidates. They are killer.
  16. tspoon5150

    2018 and 2019 R9 Bobbin color

    Rudy said Double Whites Just Kidding, Double Blacks
  17. tspoon5150

    Pick Up Ideas?

    Ask Rudy Serious, Try the classifieds here on Forum

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