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    Jumping Rope with My Les Paul (song/video)

    Well not jumping and playing at the same time, but close! I bought my first Les Paul a few years back, and the sticky'd threads on this forum were easily my best source of information. On the heels of the 2015 debacle with the Les Paul, I bought this when the classic features were restored...
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    Where Is Your Toggle Switch Most of the Time?

    I've had my Les Paul for six weeks now, and rather than the luster wearing off, the more I play it, the more I love it! I feel I have not even begun to tap into its potential. I'd love to hear some thoughts from seasoned LP players regarding the 3 positions of the toggle switch. Which...
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    Random Thoughts on My First Les Paul (2016 Traditional)

    Random Thoughts on My First Les Paul (2016 Traditional) Greetings all! I'm 47 and have been playing a little over 30 years. In early September I purchased my first Les Paul (of course not counting the Memphis Les Paul copy I started on back in the 80's. :)) Attempts to organize my...

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