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  1. bobarino

    a little help, pretty please...

    a few years ago i've watched (no idea where, though) a kind of a prank consisting of a kid approaching random people on the street and saying "please don't stab me! please don't stab me!" it could be from a movie or a candid camera show, i really don't know... any ideas?
  2. bobarino

    the oldest question in the world

    the oldest question in the world remains unanswered. can you trust someone who uses reverb? i made a drawing in ms paint that might reveal the answer.
  3. bobarino

    who here bites their nails?

  4. bobarino

    delicious chord progression

    starting at 5:36 Red Hot Chili Peppers Sir Psycho Sexy - YouTube
  5. bobarino

    bohemian rhapsody arranged for acoustic guitar

    i hope you like it as much as i did: Bohemian Rhapsody - Daryl Kellie - YouTube
  6. bobarino

    help with title of movie

    here are the only two details i think i remember correctly: - the character played by FOREST WHITAKER steals a moped. - the same character, near the end of the movie, is on top of a building. the cops shoot him from a helicopter, thinking he's gonna reach for a gun (which he isn't) and he...
  7. bobarino

    simple jack

    anyone else feels that it's WRONG that this movie hasn't actually been made and released?
  8. bobarino

    title of movie

    character #1 is cleaning up a toilet, or something in the lines of, and is wearing rubber gloves kinda like these: character #2 shows up and starts talking about stuff, and character #1 shushes character #2 like this: WITH THE DIRTY GLOVES STILL ON! what's the title of the movie? (or...
  9. bobarino

    tube bias - 2 questions

    #1 - is it normal for the bias to be at a certain value after a 5 min warmup and 7% or 8% colder after playing the amp for half an hour? i'm not talking about new tubes. these tubes are broken-in. #2 - should the adjustment be made after a short warmup period or after the amp has been played...
  10. bobarino

    guitars - birth/death ratio

    people buy guitars every day. plenty of NGD threads in this forum alone. do old guitars get tossed in the trash at the same rate? or is there an ever growing number of guitars in the world?
  11. bobarino

    tuning machines alignment

    why do tuning machines on usa models have a different alignment from the reissue models? why not use the same alignment? was it "broke" and needed to be "fixed"? and if so, why not "fix" it for reissues as well?
  12. bobarino

    title of these two movies

    movie #1 some people are walking on the desert and they find an old car inside a shed. at first the car doesn't seem to run, but they manage to fix it. it had sand in the fuel or a discharged battery or whatever... kinda like this: movie #2 some people are traveling on the desert and...
  13. bobarino

    if you're at a thanksgiving dinner...

    if you're at a thanksgiving dinner, but you don't like the stuffing or the cranberry sauce or anything else, just pretend like you're eating it, but instead, put it all in your lap and form it into a big mushy ball. later, when you're out back having cigars with the boys, let out a big fake...
  14. bobarino

    title of this movie

    i'm hoping someone can tell me the title of this movie from the few details i remember: - it's a fairly well-known mainstream movie released somewhat recently - it's got some fairly well-known actors in it - it tells the story of a group of POW and their escape (only one manages to be rescued...
  15. bobarino

    does anyone know how to make a guitar sound like this? - track.mp3
  16. bobarino

    for soccer fans

    skip forward to 2:00 U-17: Moldavija - Srbija 0:4 (0:2), 2. kolo kvalifikacionog turnira za plasman na EP - YouTube
  17. bobarino

    [solved] what's the name of this song?

    all i got is a 10-second clip: link
  18. bobarino

    2 questions about tube wear

    some amps have tube-driven reverb. if you never use the reverb, does the respective tube ever get worn? or, in other words, does tube wear occur only when you use the reverb, or does it occur whenever the amp is switched on? the other question is about the preamp gain stage: let's say the first...
  19. bobarino

    i've been looking at the specs of a few teles...

    ...and i've noticed nut width varies from series to series. for example: squier tele affinity - 40.6mm squier tele classic vibe - 41.3mm MIM tele standard - 42.0mm MIA tele standard - 42.8mm tele deluxe nashville - 43.0mm does anyone have any idea what criteria they use to decide whether a...
  20. bobarino

    a thread about little more than nothing

    fresh strings on the lp. yay! i stretch 'em and tune 'em up. i stretch 'em again and re-tune 'em. i play an open E5 and let it ring... --0-- --0-- --x-- --2-- --2-- --0-- i play an open G5 and let it ring... --3-- --3-- --0-- --0-- --x-- --3-- they both sound...

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