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    Spiders and Snakes

    sorry misposted
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    My 83 Ibanez AM 205

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    More upgrades for my Christmas present

    Filed the nut slots, adjusted the neck, added Duncan "59" pickups and a set of Gretsch knobs. Before After
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    I picked up this Agile 2500 cheap for a self Christmas present. Gave her a proper set up, changed out the stock pickups for a set of Duncan "Vintage Blues 59s" and I'm a happy guy.
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    Peavey Classic 30 question

    I'm thinking of buying one of these. It's the version between the original one and the newest one. I've read a lot of threads about how the Classics run hot to the point that you can't touch the control plate and I'm wondering if that is the case with all of them or if Peavey solved that issue...
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    Peavey Classic 30 - Where was it made?

    I just ordered on of these used that says "Designed and built in the USA". Does anyone know if that means it was made in "Meridian Mississippi" or (other than China) did they make them somewhere else as well?
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    Post your ES 137's

    Here's mine.

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