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  1. Flores_68

    P 90 on Explorer neck

    Hi there, I've had my Gibson Explorer since 1988 and recently I replaced the bridge pup for a SD Pearly Gates, which I'm very pleased with (I'd always found the 500t too harsh). Anyway, I'd like to swap the neck pup as well and I'm wondering if I should just go for another Pearly Gates or if I...
  2. Flores_68

    Fender Bubbler Chorus

    Hello, I'm looking for a Chorus pedal to replace my Rocktron Deep and there are a few options which interest me: the EHX Small Chorus, the mxr Analog Chorus and I'm curious about the Fender Bubbler Chorus. How does it perform compared to the other two? Has anyone ever tried this pedal?
  3. Flores_68

    Zvex Distorton into Vox AC15

    Hello everyone, I 'd always loved the Distorton running into my old Peavey amp but a while ago I got a Vox AC15. For some reason, the Distortron (and a few other pedals (Boss BF3, TC Corona Chorus)) doesn't sound organic anymore. I just feel that the sound is coming out of that little box and...
  4. Flores_68

    EHX electric mistress vs neo mistress

    I wanted a flanger pedal looking for vintage tones (mid 70's etc) but since I didn't intend to use it a lot, I didn't give the issue much thought and bought a Boss BF-3. Long story short, it's not organic and it's far from what I'd expected. I stashed it away and I was thinking of getting an...
  5. Flores_68

    Should I replace my PCB for old School board?

    Hi there, Despite having had a minor problem with my PCB (the connector broke) I'm all set now and have no problems with my guitar. I've heard about people gutting their guitars to replace the pots for 500k etc. My question is, do I get a difference in tone and is it worth the hassle of having...
  6. Flores_68

    Vox AC 15 vs Night Train

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a small amp to use at home (my 160 watt Peavey Special is a bit too loud) and I'm in doubt between the Vox AC 15 and the Night Train. I enjoy bluesy rock (think Grateful Dead to Lenny Kravitz) and have read great reviews on the AC 15 and not such great reviews on...
  7. Flores_68

    Does the PCB affect sound quality?

    Hi there, I have a 2018 Gibson Les Paul Standard and I just can't get it to sound the way I think I should. My old Gibson Explorer with a set of Pearly Gates pups sounds much better than the LP with Burstbucker Pros, so I bought a set of Seth Lovers to replace them. The fact is, when I went to...
  8. Flores_68

    Swapping pickups on a Gibson LP Standard 2018

    I'd like to swap the pickups on my LP because I'm not pleased with the Burstbucker Pros. However, when I look at the wiring, I'm afraid of not being able to put the new ones in. Could someone give me a few tips on how to change the pups on this thing? Do I need to buy a 4 conductor pup and how...
  9. Flores_68

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 'sizzling'

    Hi everyone, I have some kind of grounding problem with my LP: there's some kind of problem with the grounding of the guitar and when I playing it makes a really annoying sizzling sound. The guitar buzzes and when I touch the pickup, it'll stop. I've tried adjusting pickup height, cleaned the...
  10. Flores_68

    Neck pickup with SD Slash bridge

    I'd like to swap the burstbuckers on my Gibson Les Paul and I'd like to try the SD Slash on the bridge. I'd like to replace the neck pup as well, but with another pup because I can't split the SD Slash and I like the single coil tone on the neck. Any suggestions?
  11. Flores_68

    Burstbucker Pro is awful!

    Hi there, I've been tweaking my 2018 Gibson Les Paul Standard with Burstbucker Pros and it sounds harsh and brittle. The clean tone is ok, but if I turn on the Wampler Tumnus or the Plexi Drive it sounds terrible! On the other hand, my 1988 Gibson Explorer gives me the sweetest tone with SD...

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