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  1. Chicago John

    Great Deal

    If you are looking for a G&L, Dave's Guitar has them for 30% off. Leo Fender invented the Tele and the Strat, but after he sold Fender and started his new company, he couldn't use those names, of course, so the Tele became the "Asat" and the Strat became the "Legacy." So an Asat is sort of a...
  2. Chicago John

    Poll: Posting Rosie O'Donnell Pics is a Bannable Offense

    Enough! Sanity must prevail...
  3. Chicago John

    A 7 pound 13 ounce bundle of joy came into my world today...

    Did you think it was a baby? I bet you thought it was a baby :thumb: Instead, it's a 2018 Tribute. It has a slightly wide, flat fretboard, and relatively thin measured from front of fretboard to back of the neck. It's sort of a bit like a shredder neck, but not so pronounced as say, a...
  4. Chicago John

    Gibson semi-hollows cheap...

    $1695 for a mint-condition demo model Memphis ES 335... I saw a satin cherry one for 1495 OBO... What's up with this? This is less than half price at a big-box store. For some reason, Chicago Music Exchange is blowing them out. I must have this... :drool...
  5. Chicago John

    JHS half price sale on a few nice pedals

    Guys, in case you're interested, they have a couple of Calhoun models, the Kilt, the Ruby Red at around half-price. The Ruby Red is looking very good at $149 :thumb:
  6. Chicago John

    Shipping tube amps

    Guys, I have seen recommendations about taking the tubes out before shipping a tube amp, but I've never had a problem in the past. I wasn't aware that this is done until recently. Is this worth doing, you think?
  7. Chicago John

    Check out the rhythm section...

    That guy on the left is pretty good...:thumb:
  8. Chicago John

    Roar! The Most Dangerous Movie Ever Made

    Holy crap, I've never seen anything like this before... I stumbled onto this surfing around Youtube. It was made in 1981 and got re-released recently. It is roughly about a big cat researcher living in Africa, but really there is no plot- just about 100 lions, tigers, panthers, and cougars...
  9. Chicago John

    I cracked...NGD: G&L content

    I got a tele! Now waiting on the brown truck :thumb: They are at MF on "stupid deal of the day" in case you're interested.
  10. Chicago John

    Leprechaun Hunting
  11. Chicago John

    Will the Cubs win tonight?

    Or will they remember that they are...the Cubs :shock::fingersx:
  12. Chicago John

    How's your mother? Watch Matt Damon think about it at the end :laugh2:
  13. Chicago John

    now they've gone too far...

  14. Chicago John


    New Boot Day :thumb::naughty: Last pair lasted almost 30 years. Actually, they still have some life in them and I can resole them, but these look a lot better...
  15. Chicago John

    Social Media and the Loss of Privacy

    I'm surprised by how much information people routinely share on Facebook, a ridiculous micro-account of their day on Twitter, and even on places like our site. Maybe "horrified bewilderment" is a better description than "surprised." I am one of those people who routinely has used PGP to...
  16. Chicago John

    PSA: get free Popular Mechanics

    Just got this in my email, if you're interested. They have some others you can sign up for, too. Mercury Magazines - Get Started!
  17. Chicago John

    Anyone try the DigiTech DDM?

    It's on sale for $29 on Musician's Fr. and seems pretty nice...
  18. Chicago John

    1999 LP Standard

    1999 Honeyburst Gibson Les Paul Standard with Calaham stainless steel bridge posts and Calaham stainless thumbwheels (original post inserts and posts included). The original speed knobs have long ago been replaced with reflectors, and the original knobs are not included. Going over it in an...
  19. Chicago John

    Which analog delay?

    I want to get one, and I've narrowed it down to either a Carbon Copy or a Moog Minifooger. I like the Moog's features, especially the expression pedal capability, and it sounds a bit brighter in the videos I've seen. What is your favorite analog delay?
  20. Chicago John

    What's your favorite cable kit?

    I am using a Planet Waves kit that I got on sale a couple of years ago and it seems to work well, and the angle plugs are not too bulky. What are you guys using to connect your pedals?

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