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  1. kakerlak

    Looking for personal recommendations on cheap TVs

    New house, bigger den means I'm gonna need to finally upgrade from our old 40" TV to something 75"+. I'm looking in the <$1k range and it looks like there's pretty consistently stuff from funky brands like Onn, Element, Hisense, etc. in the $600-650 range and Samsung, LG, Toshiba around...
  2. kakerlak

    Used car suggestions?

    Hail did in the 2007 Camry V6 I've had since new and I'm going to eventually be shopping a replacement. I've really not kept up with the last fifteen years of car models like I used to and can't shake the feeling I'm probably overlooking something. My wife is disabled and I want something...
  3. kakerlak

    Arresting binding rot.

    Figured I'd share, since I've noticed some nicer MIJ stuff out of the late seventies and early eighties is starting to show the early symptoms of Gretsch-style binding rot. Every Argus I've seen online and my own, a lot of the custom-trim Aria Pro IIs, etc... I did this to my '67 Tennessean...
  4. kakerlak

    What knobs for a white custom?

    I have an Edwards custom arriving tomorrow and have never been a fan of witch-hats, which it has now. I'm leaning towards black bell knobs, but also really like reflector-top bell knobs. I like speed knobs okay, too and, to be honest, if it had speed knobs in the first place, I'd probably just...
  5. kakerlak

    Recommend me a budget LP case!

    Aside from scoring a deal on something second hand, what's decent out there at/around $100? I have a good older MIJ LP with a pretty flimsy hardcase and another coming without a case. Would be cool to order a couple that are halfway decent if the price is right, but don't really want to throw...
  6. kakerlak

    Evaluating used condition on factory-distressed instruments.

    Didn't want to sidetrack the other thread, but I've often wondered about how to apply the usual G/VG/EX/NM/M condition descriptors to factory-aged guitars and to what extent anything beyond fretwear actually matters. I suppose with the collector's choice stuff and artist replicas, scratches...
  7. kakerlak

    Recommend a soldering iron!

    So, I have pickups coming and just remembered my old, cheap soldering iron was barely hanging on last time I used it. I have a good standalone holder and a sponge, so I could go for one that's just a wand, if that's worthwhile. My buddy @WolfeMacleod recommended a Weller WESD51, but it looks...
  8. kakerlak

    Did Gibson ever do a run of chambered Customs?

    Especially with the mahogany top? Got to daydreaming and wondered. I know there are various weight-relieved Customs over the years, but I bet a super light, all mahogany chambered Custom would be a fun, zingy guitar.
  9. kakerlak

    Is anybody here a tax expert?

    I have a single/simple question regarding inheritance vs gifts.
  10. kakerlak

    Looking for my dad's 1976 natural 3PU Custom

    Long shot, but why not? He sold it for around $1k at a DFW guitar show about 20 years ago. It was a factory 3PU, but all three pickups were swapped to then-new Seth Lovers, tuners were replaced with Sperzels and the factory Schaller screw holes were plugged with what were probably toothpicks. As...
  11. kakerlak

    What semi-cheap all-in-one video recorder has the best audio?

    I've got too many guitars and a lot of them are oddball stuff that would be cool to demo for the world. I've been thinking about starting some quick, simple youtube style guitar demo vids and am wondering what the best camera would be to get clear audio capture at what could be fairly...
  12. kakerlak

    Who's got home-buying advice?

    Long story short, wife and I will be shopping for a forever home in the next few months. We will be in a position to buy something outright/cash and that's the plan. We're both huge suckers for prewar and mid-century architecture and design, but I have to confess that there's also a strong...
  13. kakerlak

    Greenburst Byrdland

    Anybody else see this monstrosity pop up? Only $9750 I just... There aren't words for how bizarre this looks.
  14. kakerlak

    Has anyone here been brave enough to mount wall hangers to drywall?

    Thinking about getting some wall hangers for the living room and some of the spots I'm considering are almost certainly between stud. The little Hank Hill in my brain tells me never to trust drywall to hold something, but I've been looking around and there are some pretty slick wall anchors...
  15. kakerlak

    Tell me about C4 Corvettes

    I've been noticing how absolutely cheap C4 Corvettes are getting. Seems like $4k will get you a cosmetically clean-ish L98 and $6k, an LT1. I'm talking things in the low 100k miles range, decent paint and interior, in reasonable mechanical condition, not pristine, but a decent, presentable...
  16. kakerlak

    What's the right tailpiece?

    One of the ears is about to fail on my Argus' stoptail. I'd like to find a nickel plated aluminum replacement, but am wondering how much variation there is in MIJ stuff from the era. I'm assuming the studs are metric, as spare US posts I had lying around bind if you try to thread them in. The...
  17. kakerlak

    What's in the Argus? Can anybody ID these unmarked pickups?

    Probably a longshot, but does anybody have a guess at what these are? IIRC these have black plastic insulated leads inside the braided shielding.
  18. kakerlak


  19. kakerlak

    Is anybody making vintage-accurate pearloid guards?

    I have fond memories of the way my old '64 Musicmaster pickguard looked and think it'd be a killer look for my fiesta red '60 Strat reissue. It was softer, duller, more opaque and the pearloid pieces seemed smaller/squarer than most of the new aftermarket ones I see. Seems like the new ones...
  20. kakerlak

    Got a Nintendo Switch for xmas. What's good?

    My wife and I (no kids -- in our mid/late 30s) got a Switch for christmas. It's our first console since PS3/XBox 360 and our first Nintendo console since the Wii, so we're a little out of the loop on current series, etc. We're both pretty big JRPG dorks, both enjoy arcadey sports games, and...

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