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    NGD - 2020 Gibson ES-335 Figured

    Alright y'all, the least I can do to repay the insight you'd provided for the "lacquer crack" on this beauty is give you a proper NGD post. Ha! Never thought I'd do it, did ya @endial? My `endearing` brand of lazy/busy/selfish gives way to nobler causes on occasion. But, my charming character...
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    New ES-335 Help - Crack in Wood?

    Happy Thanksgiving y'all! I just need some real quick help in identifying the issue. A proper NGD post to come (hopefully), but I have me a brand new ES-335 from the production line. A dream guitar of sorts, and this particular one and I have begun bonding despite a concerning "crack" (split...
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    2017 Gibson Custom Shop Historic 1960 Les Paul MF Spec

    Hey ya'll, I'm in fairly uncharted territory here insofar as I have limited knowledge of 'Burst' reissues. Hell, I never thought I'd be seriously considering a regular ol' Standard, much less any form of R0. Anyway, I've got an offer on the table between 40%-45% less than list (same as the sale...
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    NGD ‘17 Epiphone ES-335 Pro Cherry

    Had to reluctantly send one back from Musician’s Friend a couple weeks ago that I got on sale for $400 — couldn’t justify the cost at the time when the thing had a couple very minor (but frustrating) blemishes/issues (e.g., some rough frets, tuning instability, pau ferro fingerboard)...
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    WTB ES-335 Style Semi-Hollow with Vintage Fender-Style Neck

    Hey y'all, I'm looking for just about any ES-335 style semi-hollow with a fat neck. Specifically, I like the C-profile, 7.25-9.5” radius. I don’t know what kind of width I’d be looking for, but I have fairly short fingers and play mostly thumb overtop, so I’m guessing thinner in this respect is...
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    Refurbished Epiphone Serial Number

    Hey guys, I'm interested in a Masterbilt AJ-500R on ebay. The seller has been very cooperative, but when I requested a picture of the serial number in the soundhole he said that the factory refurbisher is required to replace the serial number by Epiphone. While this seller has 100% approval on...
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    WTB Epiphone Masterbilt Aj-500R/M

    Prefer the rosewood back and sides, but still interested in mahogany. Also, I do not want the electric models. Purchase price is negotiable, but primarily depends on the particular guitar itself. I've been wanting one of these bad boys for years, so any information on the selling of one would...
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    Masterbilt AJ-500 M or R Gloss or Satin?

    I simply had a question regarding the Masterbilt AJ-500 series: first I would like to know if Epi is making this with gloss finishes exclusively now (as that would piss me off and may make me not want one), and second, any preferences to the rosewood or mahogany bodies? Thanks in advanced guys.
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    NGD! Well sort of . . .

    Just bought this from twang55 :-D (2005 Les Paul Custom Wine Red from the Unsung plant in Korea) Now I just have to figure out how to wait for it to ship without going insane . . .
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    Epiphone Les Paul Custom Made in Korea is it Real?

    I asked for a pic of the back of the headstock and a serial number, but if you can tell based on this let me know please. Epiphone Les Paul Custom Made in Korea | eBay
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    2001 Unsung Epiphone Standard Plus Flame Top

    I suppose technically I do not belong here yet as I do not own a Les Paul (though I did own a Gibson Les Paul Classic years ago), but I'm curious what you guys think of this axe: it has a gorgeous flame top, and I potentially have a good deal lined up to buy it for $280 with the case. Serial...

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