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  1. grohlstheman

    Deliberate Noise pedal

    Hey everyone, do any of you know of pedals that create deliberate noise instantly? For example, check out Alexisonfire guitarist Wade (4:10 ish guitar switch). It appears tuner is in loop so he can tune while it’s still running as well. (7:43 tuning) Any help is appreciated
  2. grohlstheman

    Grohlstheman's Trini (Kit) Build

    Hey everybody, It's been quite some time away...WHEW. I've been out of this game for too long. I'll get straight to it: Build number four (?) is kicking off! As some might have seen a few years back, I completed an R.M. Olson DG-335 kit build in Pelham Blue. Shortly after, Robert retired from...
  3. grohlstheman

    Single Coil + Humbucker coil tap, 2 Vol wiring

    Hi all, I am having a horrible time wiring a friend's Jackson B-7. He wants 2 independent Volume (one for neck, one for bridge), and no tone. Here is desired function: Position one of a 12-terminal 3-way switch we have will activate only the single coil in the neck. Position 2 (middle)...
  4. grohlstheman

    Anyone done a RGA121 type build?

    I'm heavily debating building one, and wondering if someone has done a build of something like this before. "Shredders" in general are welcome...I'm recalling that poro did a hand tool build a while back and scottop made his own design. Anyway, show 'em!
  5. grohlstheman

    Beginner looking for JCM800 kit?

    So I'm looking into a lot of 800 kits that are far THIS looks like a solid kit. Is this a good kit for the price? Anyone had any experience with these? I'm looking for a middle of the road, good beginner kit where I don't have to consolidate a mess of parts that are "not included"...
  6. grohlstheman

    DIY Wood Kiln

    Stumbled across this interesting project...I don't have the time or resources to do it, but I'm sure some of you might! DIY Old fridge turned to Wood Kiln Ethan
  7. grohlstheman

    What's wrong with my AC15?

    Hi all, so last week this horrible grounding issue pops up with my guitar (or so I thought). I re-soldered some grounds in the guitar that I thought might be cold joints, but when I plugged it in again, the horrible grounding HUM was still there! I then plugged in my two other guitars (all of...
  8. grohlstheman

    What model SG is this?!!

    Hey all, What model is this? Not sure if its a stretch to ask you but it cant hurt. I know its pre-2012
  9. grohlstheman

    Deafheaven black metal scream technique

    Hi all, So George Clark's screams are cool in my opinion. I've been reading and watching a lot of videos on black metal screaming, and it seems like the consensus is that 1. If done properly it does not kill your voice 2. Practice starts with a growl-y sort of sigh (just letting air make your...
  10. grohlstheman

    Is there a Job title for this?

    Hi, I've been wondering for a while where Visual Artisits (as in fine art/graphic design/photography) fit into the music industry. There must be people who supply record labels with Album art and Posters, as well as designing band sites, logos, etc... What is this position called? I'm sure...
  11. grohlstheman

    Foo Fighters Mic Placement?

    Hi there, So a lot of the Foo's first album's vibe/tone has to do with the actual recording process itself. I know they used 57's on the amps, but I'm wondering what Mic placement would capture that feel. (I'm referring to the sort of huge yet "nasal" tone to the distorted guitars like on...
  12. grohlstheman

    Epoxy for Inlay gaps?

    Hi, so I tried putting the black dye powder from LMII with some superglue, and it immediately reacted and hardened. I'm just trying to fill in some inlay gaps, but I can't fill it if I can't mix anything. What kind of epoxy should I get? I think superglue was a bad idea :laugh2: Thanks
  13. grohlstheman

    Distortion pedal for Title Fight's dirty tone?

    Title fight has been a long time favorite tone of mine, although it has varied somewhat over the years. On Shed they used an AC15 straight without any pedals to my knowledge. I already have that tone down. Im looking for the basic punk tone like that used on the song Symmetry. My AC15 doesnt...
  14. grohlstheman

    How to age white finish in sun?

    I'm painting my Les Paul Custom build in the near future. I'm shooting it all Arctic White, but I don't want a brand new white. I don't want a tinted clear coat either (if possible). Like aging/fading/yellowing a burst, I want to slightly yellow the lacquer by Sunlight. How should I go about...
  15. grohlstheman

    Foo Fighters effects question

    Hey guys, What is the effect in the beginning of the Foo's cover of "Down in the Park"? I'm talking about the echoed, voice-ish thing. I'm assuming it's just some board work, but I'm not sure... Thanks! Heres the link:
  16. grohlstheman

    Router bit for Custom binding?

    I know Stewmac has a rabbet bit and bearing that produce the correct depth cuts (0.190 for front, 0.150 for back). But are there any cheaper alternatives? Any input is greatly appreciated
  17. grohlstheman

    How is the D.C. Punk/hardcore scene?

    How is the underground punk scene in Washington? Or in virginia in general? Im going back to virginia this summer and im interested in seeing some shows. DC used to have quite a roaring punk/hardcore scene in the 80's-90's...
  18. grohlstheman

    How is D.C.'s punk/hardcore scene?

    How is the underground punk scene in Washington? Or in virginia in general? Im going back to virginia this summer and im interested in seeing some shows. DC used to have quite a roaring punk/hardcore scene in the 80's-90's...
  19. grohlstheman

    Wanted: Jcm 800/900/2000

    Name your price for your Marshall JCM-series head. Looking for a head no higher than me an idealist, a cheapskate, can't hurt to ask. I will gladly pay shipping.
  20. grohlstheman

    Anyone trying to sell their JCM 800/900/2000?

    I'm looking to buy a marshall jcm series head (NO COMBOS). If anyone is willing to part with one for less than 500... Maybe call me an idealist, a cheapskate, etc...but it can't hurt to ask.

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