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  1. Axe57

    Is This Normal?

    Hey guys, I'm really not trying to be a jerk.. I just can't recall seeing this on any of my Lesters in yrs past. Is this normal? Is it right? I have 4 others and there is no hump and maple cap below the binding on them.. The vendor is telling me it's normal.. I'm trying to be fair.. Thanks...
  2. Axe57

    Carvin CS4C

    One of my favorite instruments. My Carvin CS4C. It had a little surgery this weekend. Then It stared life stock with Carvin electronics and Carvin pickups. And Now. Suhr Doug Aldrich pickups They are GLORIOUS! And a Mojotone solderless kit.
  3. Axe57

    Yeah, I like Blue...

    :cheers: 2018 Les Paul Std Cobalt Blue and a 2019 Pelham Blue SG
  4. Axe57

    After All These Years... The One!

    My Les Paul..
  5. Axe57

    The Best $175 I Ever Spent On A Single Cut

    Kramer Standard on the far left:dude: Stacks up very well against everything else in the picture.:cool:
  6. Axe57

    TSO Style Seasonal Symphonic Rock

    Two other friends and I did this over the course of 2 months.. I hope you enjoy it.:dude:
  7. Axe57

    How Many People

    How many people, when they look at the mylespaul banner at the top of this page, and look at the Les Paul to the left say HEY!!! THAT'S MY LES PAUL?? Sorry if this has been done before but every time I log in I'm like :shock::shock::shock::shock::dude::lol:
  8. Axe57

    First Track With My New 2013 Std Plus

  9. Axe57

    An Old Friend.. Padauk Nuno N4

    Just a couple pics of an old friend I did a couple projects with:dude: Pardon my indulgence.. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
  10. Axe57

    A Christmas Track

    Done with a couple other musicians. Bob Ross- Ottawa Canada Richard (Kephas) Gonzales -Deland FL Myself Enjoy:thumb:
  11. Axe57

    Single Cut Group Shot

    What can I say? Boring Monday:dude:
  12. Axe57

    **NGD** 2013 Tea Burst Les Paul Standard Plus

    Real quick shots
  13. Axe57


    Done with my "Poor Man's Axcess":D Be easy on the noob please? :fingersx: And have a Happy SAFE Thanksgiving everyone!!

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