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  1. Paul46

    Ever See an Acoustic Les Paul?

    You have now!
  2. Paul46

    Did anyone here ever get a Burstdriver???

    Because I did! Long story short...I was on the lookout for an R8/58 Standard with a top similar to this beauty... It's burst no. 9 0905 on page 69 of BOTB (hope it's ok to use the photo!) Nothing spoke to me until I saw this..... One problem, it was a 2017 Burstdriver LP. I'd never...
  3. Paul46

    NJD......New Jaguar Day!

    I recently got the Jaguar itch again. I used to have a '63 Olympic White one which I sold because I was stupid. Guitarguitar was blowing these out recently for a grand and I couldn't resist, so here it is in all it's shortscale glory.....American Vintage '65 Jaguar in 3 tone sunburst. I...
  4. Paul46

    Aluminium Tailpiece...Colour Me Surprised!

    Aluminium was the first mod I made to my '05 Standard. It had to be better than the stock one, right? I mean, the originals had them so it HAD to be better, right? My '05 Standard has been taking a backseat to my ES's recently, it just didn't inspire me. It was very...meh. Well...
  5. Paul46

    Nut Files....Recommendations?

    The time has come to invest in a decent set of nut slotting files. What's everyone using and which ones should be avoided?
  6. Paul46

    Want to hear how good a Riviera can sound?

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world....The Sonics!
  7. Paul46

    In a 30w 2x12" combo.....

    Does each speaker receive 30w of power or is the output shared between the pair of them and therefore halved? Apologies for the insultingly novice question, but electricity baffles the hell out of me!
  8. Paul46

    Question From A Complete Amp Ignoramus...

    Ok...I've been playing for more years than I can remember, but know nothing about amplifiers. I flick the switch, the light comes on and my guitar works....that is the extent of my knowledge! I currently have a Laney VC30-212 30w combo. A friend of mine has offered me a pair of Celestion G12H...
  9. Paul46

    Back to Basics?? Sprint Run???

    Has anyone got the skinny on these? Guitar Village UK | Guitar Shop Has Henry suddenly woken up and realised his dream for 2015 was in fact a nightmare? Is it a result of dealer pressure? What gives?
  10. Paul46

    2014 Custom Shop L-5 Doublecut

    I doubt I'll ever be in a position to throw £7500 at a guitar, but if I was... More info here...Gibson 2014 Custom Shop L-5 Doublecut (Slow Iced Tea Fade) Shape is uncannily close to my Gretsch Country Gent. I think it's drop dead gorgeous!
  11. Paul46

    ES345 Ground Wire Question

    Can anyone tell me where the ground wire on an '08 ES-345 is attached? I assume it's to either a bridge or tailpiece insert...would just like to know for sure.
  12. Paul46

    Fake ES-355 on ebay...

    Hope no-one here has bid on it. I've reported it, but not holding my breath that it will be pulled. GIBSON ES 355 - FLAMETOP CUSTOM | eBay
  13. Paul46

    Unbelievably Minty 69 Custom...

    Check this out...:shock: 1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom Ebony "The Real Closet Classic Story" - YouTube
  14. Paul46

    Ebay...This one actually made me laugh!

    Ausome! "GIBSON" USA Repaired EPI " Rare" perfect neck!!!! | eBay
  15. Paul46

    1961 Burst on really!

    And it was made in Texas. eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  16. Paul46

    Here's a Good One....(Ebay Content)

    Take a look at this for a laugh... GIBSON LES PAUL JUNIOR 1957 VOS.NEVER USED..MINT.. on eBay (end time 27-Jul-10 18:39:21 BST) Then check this out... Gibson Les Paul BILLIE JOE Signature Electric Guitar For Sale I've reported it.
  17. Paul46

    Korina Tribute LP...........Be Brave!

    Firstly,apologies if this has already been posted,but I just stumbled across this poor guy.I mean,you wouldn't..............would you? It's just not right. £4,500!!! :shock:.
  18. Paul46

    Question about Nashville posts.

    Has anyone removed their Nashville style bridge bushings,dowelled the hole,and then screwed the Nashville posts directly into the wood a la ABR1 posts? Would it make any noticable difference? I'm bored,looking at my Standard and thinking I might just have to do it to satisfy my curiosity.

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