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  1. RobV

    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    At the moment..
  2. RobV

    Who's happy with their LP Tribute?

    I think he was going for a Jimmy Page look....I swapped an amp head for it :)
  3. RobV

    Who's happy with their LP Tribute?

    I must have skipped right over it :doh: I picked this 2020 up a couple hours ago...
  4. RobV

    Who's happy with their LP Tribute?

    These are 2013 close-outs I bought the 60's is the P-90 & the Mini HB is a 70's Tribute.
  5. RobV

    Many of us are home players, admit it. Let's see those home rigs.

    Pedalboard has changed a little but...
  6. RobV

    How many Les Pauls have you owned and what are/were they?

    I love those green ones!
  7. RobV

    Already 'hot rodding' the new Classic

    I like it the way you have it now, I think black rings will be overkill. The way it is now it works with the binding and pick-ups.
  8. RobV

    How many Les Pauls have you owned and what are/were they?

    Missing a pic of a P-90 Special I had, was my 1st Gibson LP. current..
  9. RobV

    What amp do you recommend for a Les Paul?

    All of them :)
  10. RobV

    Did I just buy a custom-shop 80's Burny?

    Well it's a smexy beast either way!
  11. RobV

    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

  12. RobV

    Gibson Les Paul Classic 2019 Translucent Red (Brand new -never played)

    Very nice, I wanted Honeyburst or Black or that finish, found a Honeyburst for a nice price($50 less than what you asked) for a basically new 2019.
  13. RobV

    Les Paul Tribute vs epiphones

    My Epi G400 had that printed on the back of the headstock to.....$1300 for a MIC Epi? I paid $1600 for my fookin' way am I paying that for a MIC Epi. Then again I got 2 tributes for $1200 (for both) brand spankin' new a few years ago when they use to blow out the old stock when new...
  14. RobV

    HNGD. . . sort of.

    Except for the fact that MIM Fenders and MIC Epi's and Indo Ibanez's are creeping into that $1000 range, you didn't bother to mentiont that. Or the fact that wages aren't even close. Cost of production isn't close with all the costs of a USA based company. I honestly think the part I quoted is...
  15. RobV

    Shipping Nitro Guitars In Cold Weather

    Agreed & I just had UPS go to the back of my house instead of coming to the front where my door is, he decided since I had the back gate locked to just put it over the fence in the snow bank, thankfully I was home and waiting for it and heard the truck. Let's just say I said a couple curse words...
  16. RobV

    New Kramer Day

  17. RobV

    What is the cheapest guitar you own and what do you think of it?

    return I picked up for 1/2 off because of it. $225 dlvd I actually really like it, it needs new pots, they are your typical on/off.
  18. RobV

    She's a beauty I think....NGD!

    Agile :)

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