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  1. Oig

    NGD: 1979 “The SG”!

    I really wanted an SG Standard, but my neighbor led me astray (sold me his ‘79 “The SG” for a price I couldn’t refuse). It’s an interesting beast - walnut body and neck, ebony board, unique pickups (Velvet Brick humbucker in the bridge and The SG humbucker in the neck, both with T bobbins) and...
  2. Oig

    Any fans of the GC/MF Special Limited Edition?

    I got this 2019 Special Limited Edition a few months back. As far as I know it’s a limited run Special with an unbound fingerboard and Burstbuckers made for Guitar Center / Musician’s Friend. It ain’t one for the purists...but it’s a cracker of a guitar. The neck carve is fantastic and something...
  3. Oig

    Help dating Greco Firebird

    Hey y’alls I recently got a vintage single pickup Greco FB85, made by FugiGen in Japan. The serial on the back of the headstock reads 0 8701. According to the dating resources I’ve seen, that makes it either a 1980 or 1990. It’s a phenomenal guitar, but it’d be nice to narrow down the margin of...

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