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    Nitro Chip “Reinstallation”?

    I've done exactly this once in the past with reasonable success. The repair isn't flawless, but you have to be within about a foot of it to be able to pick it out.
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    Gibson style double neck wiring

    Not sure if I can help. but a few things, where you have the yellow diamond labled "hot?", that is just the symbol for a resistor and just means the pickup. The ground symbol you have is correct. I really don't know what you mean by ground wrap. For the wiring diagram, you literally just...
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    The Definitive Top Carve Thread

    Awesome work, and thanks for sharing! I've messed around with modeling the carve top using NX, but I don't have the CAM license for NX, so once I eventually build a CNC I will have to lean Fusion so this will be very helpful!
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    Repairing small chip in binding - new guitar

    This, it's just a tiny chip in the clear coat, just drop fill it with a tiny bit of nitro, wait for it to dry and scrape/sand it smooth.
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    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    I've got to say, I love the laminated curly maple neck, it's really cool!
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    Fat neck Les Paul build

    I think you are thinking of it backwards (i.e. thinking that the bridge location is set on the body prior to gluing in the neck). Typically, you glue the neck in with the fretboard already attached and fretted, then drill the bridge location for proper intonation based on the position of the neck.
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    Fat neck Les Paul build

    I've had exactly the same experience with both carpet tape (I hate the stuff), and the painters tape with CA glue which is awesome!
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    Quart inch squared bearings...

    Might want to check out the thread posted a few below yours...
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    Learning about the benefits of a band saw and drum sander.

    I would also assume that he is talkin about a thickness sander, but I concur that a thickness sander is really not needed for guitar building. It would be nice to have one, but it's certainly not necessary. A spindle sander on the other hand is pretty much a necessity IMO.
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    1998 Epi Les Paul peghead tuner hole gouge

    Nope, Epiphone headstocks are much longer than Gibson headstocks.
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    Setting up my #1 LP Custom shop Standard

    I searched 'fusion nail 400/3000' on ebay and it came right up. I ponied up the $8.45 to try them out!
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    Neck-through LP, now it’s a scratch build

    I'd offer to send you one, but that would take a couple of days to get to you at a minimum, and of course the one from Tom would end up getting there as soon as I sent one!
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    Router bits; look at this bad dad..

    That was the first thing I noticed as well, I'm definitely intrigued though...
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    Half a Strat is! Now it’s a whole Strat :)

    Sweet, thanks Chris! I'm well aware that quality tools are expensive but are well worth the cost!
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    Half a Strat is! Now it’s a whole Strat :)

    Chris, just curious where you picked up that spiral carbide template bit?
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    NTD again. Benchtop jointer.

    I've also got the little porter cable jointer and it has worked well for me. I recently picked up the 8" cutech benchtop jointer with the spiral cutterhead, so I will be saying good bye to the porter cable.
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    what does this mean?

    It just means that if you enable it you will get little pop-up notifications in the bottom right corner of your screen whenever someone replies to a thread that you are following.
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    Metalworking Question

    Slow speed: yes, Oil Lubricant: yes, start with a smaller diameter bit: I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Jescar 39106

    I just get my Jescar fret wire from I don't know anything about the numbering scheme that you have listed, but for wide/medium fret wire I have purchased the following...
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    Neck-through Les Paul - Another new/old build.

    Yep, Chrome was the issue for me too, I pretty much always use chrome so I didn't realize that they show up in other browsers.

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