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    Fender Dual Showman - grid resistors

    While restoring/modding my Dual Showman, a tech recommended me to try out 82 ohm screen grids resistors instead of the 470 ohms. I've tried to figure out the pros et cons, but I don't get it (right). Anyone who knows? Thanks in advance.
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    Early 60s 12" Rola alnico speakers

    I'm looking at a pair of early 60s 12" Rola alnico speakers. Anyone tried these, what should I expect soundwise? Your input is most welcome.
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    Frequensator split tailpiece for vintage Epiphone Riviera

    I want to buy a frequensator split tailpiece for a 1960s Epiphone Riviera... :cheers:
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    Schematics - Hagström/SOUND/DNS Special 60 RT...?

    I recently stumbled over an old Hagström Special 60 RT guitar amp with 4xEL84. It's Italian and I think Hagström just put their label on it, guess it's an SOUND or DNS amp. The pots, caps, etc are crap so the amp behave a bit strange, but I've got hope to fix it. Thing is I can't find much info...
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    Speaker suggestion

    I recently bought a high quality 2x10" (empty) guitar speaker cab. Suggestion for a versatile sensitive speaker(s) with tight bottom and nice top/brilliance is most welcome. BTW, I like vintage alnico speakers, but my ears can't stan shrill/ear piercing noice anymore... :( Thanks in advance...
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    Fender Dual Showman Reverb

    I have a Fender Dual Showman Reverb (w/ push/pull master vol). This amp should be loud as he** but it's like a mouse. I think it's weaker than my Deluxe reverb... I changed all caps, didn't get any better. Any ideas what can cause this...?
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    Almost NPD...

    Got me one of these (Ebay pics): Reads 6.3K, should be a perfect LP/SG/335/etc neck pu. However, it looks a bit messed up. Will take a closer look at it when it arrives...
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    Fried Celestion creamback - repair or let go?

    I recently bought two 1x12 cabs with 70's Celestion Creamback's (G 12 H, 30 W, 8 ohm, cone RIC 1 HO). Sadly enough, one was fried... :( Is it worth a re-cone or should I just forget all about it...?
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    Timbucker's Ebay

    I have a nice set of Timbucker's for sale on Ebay (3 hours left) Tim White PAF | eBay
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    Just when I thought I was out of boutique pu land, it pulled me back again... Short story, the ECP Hallowed Ground PAF's (HGP) made me curious. I'm thinking of doing a "neck-pu-comparision" between the HGP, my first choice vintage PAF and my favorite vintage mini PAF. Thumbs up if you...
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    Centralabs (vintage) 2M pot useful in guitar?

    I have an old Centralabs 2M pot in my drawer (it measure 1.6M). Have anyone tried a 1.6M pot in a Les Paul? Should I expect it to work like a "bright" but still "normal" vol pot, or what happens? What can it be used for if not in a guitar? :hmm:
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    Dimarzio Super Distortion/Dual Sound....?

    Todays gift from a fiend: I believe they are 70/80 Dimarzio Super Distortion/Dual Sound's. Both are 13k/6.6K (tapped). Question - what are they voiced like, do the do vintage, etc?
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    NGD - Gibson SG Special 2001

    Just stumbled over this 2001 Gibson SG Special. No previous experience of SG's, but it feels nice. Weight is about 6.6 lbs, neck is close to my R9 and it has the ABR-1. It came with 490t/r pu's but they sounded a bit dull, so I replaced them with a set of old pu's (covers are Throbak MVX)...
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    Piece of wood under R9 ABR-1

    I have this idea of putting a piece of (hard) wood under the bridge... Besides helping the bridge to not collapse from string pressure, I was thinking it might positively affect the sound. Any experiences or thoughts....?
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    Speaker cab question

    I'm modifying a 4x10 Marshall cab, playing with the thought to have it "open back". Question is, what should I expect (soundwise) when going from closed back to open back? :hmm:
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    Vintage speaker identification - help

    Anyone familiar with these Celestion 10" speakers? I would really appreciate any information, help or buying advice here. Markings/tags: - speaker cone - NIM1.SQ - speaker basket - 4865
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    New old amp...

    Found me a new old little amp.... After a re-cap, it will be subject to some guitar friendly mods Tubes are stock = Telefunken ECC83 and Siemens EL34....
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    Time for a change - Leslie's pickups

    I've been into vintage pu's for some time. Recently I felt it was time for a change. Leslie's in my 2000 standard:
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    Speaker test

    Got the idea to record my R9 and 66 Deluxe Reverb-Amp with two different cabs, one with old alnico 15" speakers and one with new alnico 12" speakers... They sure sound different SpeakerTest - YouTube
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    Noodling with my pickup selector switch...

    As stated, noodling with my pickup selector switch... I find the trad. "neck+bridge" a bit lame. What say you? Noodling with my pickup selector switch - YouTube

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