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  1. Bobby Burrows

    translate this page about your country.イギリス This is what Japanese wikipedia says about the UK translated into English.
  2. Bobby Burrows

    Steamed Hams

    On so on, Steamed Hams went viral.
  3. Bobby Burrows

    Hello Kitty Guitars

  4. Bobby Burrows

    The General Public where you are.

    The royal family intervened and named the new polar explorer ship RRS Sir David Attenborough instead. I don't see anything wrong with Boaty McBoatface personally, I mean, they did ask.
  5. Bobby Burrows

    Guitars that are pictures/pieces of art on the market.

    Yes guitars are beautiful be they Gibson be they Fender be they Martin be they Guild etc... A lot of great guitars in this world, too many to mention; but this thread is about guitars I pass of as; 'It's a pretty picture' or... It's just a picture/guitar; Could depict anything... If it's on the...
  6. Bobby Burrows

    Shout out to all things Capo.

    I decided to buy a parlor/parlour guitar based purely on sound and tone and love what I found. I searched high and low different guitars and let my ears do all the looking until one day I found a tone/cool twang I wanted. That video however, had this guitar (same spec different finish) with a...
  7. Bobby Burrows

    Amazing Sounding Guitars

    So I was looking online and I saw one of these in town/right here in London... For £15k And, I got to thinking 'for £14, 999.00, I wonder what it sounds like?' So I went to YouTube and found this out of Norman's Rare Guitars (of all...
  8. Bobby Burrows

    Gibson Les Paul Recording - Which tuning pegs do you like?

    For purposes of originality?
  9. Bobby Burrows

    What you cookin'?

    I made this yesterday; I have left overs in my fridge I haven't eaten yet. Chicken black bean sauce with egg fried rice and oven chips. What's your cooking like? Got pics and posts?
  10. Bobby Burrows

    Modern Classics?

    Hollandia by Ethan and The Reformation
  11. Bobby Burrows

    Gibson Les Pauls in the movies or on TV.

    I remember watching Honey I Blew Up The Kid one Christmas growing up, and thinking, wow, that kid's lucky, his parents bought him a real life Gibson Les Paul. There's a guitarist on this TV show called Red Dwarf and he plays a Les Paul, but, I think, in filming, I've seen a lot of LP shaped...
  12. Bobby Burrows

    Identifying specific Gibson Les Paul models and guitar parts in the hopes we can collect them.

    Question, what does that say on the truss rod cover there? What guitar is this Gibson Les Paul? Feel free to post any guitars you want but don't have yet.
  13. Bobby Burrows

    Does It Matter What Day Of The Week Your Gibson Les Paul Was Made On?

    I think I've got 2 Wednesday guitars. Ever heard this? That depending what day of the week your guitar was built, the better it'll be? Monday you don't want because Gibson factory workers are still hung over from the weekend, Friday guitars you don't want because everyone's eager in a rush to...
  14. Bobby Burrows

    London based guitarist, Hello from London.


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