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  1. Mattyboy

    Traffic circle in Poland renamed after Jeff Hanneman

    :dude: SPIN | Music News, Album Reviews, Concert Photos, MP3s, Videos and More "A city in Poland has saluted the late Jeff Hanneman by naming a traffic circle after the Slayer guitarist. As metal fan forum Lambgoat notes, a roundabout in Jaworzno, Poland will be called "Jeff Hanneman's...
  2. Mattyboy

    Bongo Drums

    Anyone here play the bongos? If so, what's a decent set to start with? I don't need anything on the high end. Just something to bang around on. Ya know?
  3. Mattyboy

    NGD- G400 Pro

    Got this in the mail from Sweetwater last week. Spent some time messing with it and I gotta say, I'm quite impressed! I expected the neck to be the same as my Epi LP Standard, but it feels a bit chunkier. It turns out that I like the feel of it better than the LP. I believe it's a D shape...
  4. Mattyboy

    Clowns and the evil they create

    Northampton Clown terrorizes English town with creepy appearances - National | :shock: This is beyond ****ed up. Clowns are evil (except for Lexi Belle)
  5. Mattyboy

    The U.S. condemns________________

    In regards to news stories about the U.S. condemning the actions of other countries, what is the point? I've noticed for a long while now that the U.S. is always condemning the actions of one country or another. In the past ten years or so, we've condemned Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Egypt...
  6. Mattyboy

    Hey Farkas! Part II

    So what's for dinner tonight, Farkas?
  7. Mattyboy

    Semi Nearly blown off Mackinac Bridge

    :shock: Must've been one hell of a storm rolling through the straits. Truck nearly falls off Mackinac Bridge : Neighborhood : STRAITS OF MACKINAC -- Some scary moments on Michigan's iconic Mackinac Bridge. According to, the Bridge is back open after a...
  8. Mattyboy

    Watermelon Oreos

    Limited edition watermelon Oreo hits shelves for summer Dont want. I think..... :Ohno:
  9. Mattyboy

    NPD.....VTE Blues King

    The Blues King arrived earlier this week. It took me a few days to get dialed in, but it's good now. As stated in an earlier post, I've gone through quite a few OD pedals in order find one that sounds good to me with my Strat. The BK might very well be the one. I'll give it a couple weeks...
  10. Mattyboy

    FT-MI Audio Crunch Box

    Looking to trade an MI Audio Crunch Box- V.3 for one of the following: -Catlinbread Merkin fuzz -Mahoney Acid Tone fuzz Would also possibly be open to any other Maestro / spaghetti western type fuzz pedals. U.S. trades only. Thanks.
  11. Mattyboy

    OD Pedal for Strat

    I've had several OD pedals come and go over the past couple years. Most of them have sounded good with my LP & Tele, but I haven't been able to dial in a sweet spot while playing my Strat with any of these: -BBE Green Screamer -Fulltone Plimsoul -Fulltone OCD -Way Huge Green Rhino -MXR...
  12. Mattyboy

    Boss SD-1 as a boost?

    I'm thinking about picking up a stock Boss SD-1 as a booster for a couple of my pedals. I'm currently using a Dyna Comp as a boost which seems to work alright, but it isn't great. Has anyone here used an SD-1 as a boost for your OD, distortion or fuzz pedals, and if so; what were your...
  13. Mattyboy

    Difference between MXR GT-OD and MXR Custom Badass OD

    From what I've gathered, the GT-OD is a clone of the TS-808, and the Custom Badass OD is a modified SD-1 clone? I own the GT-OD and like it alot, but am wondering if buying the Custom BA-OD is that much different to justify the purchase? Thanks.
  14. Mattyboy

    NPD Mojo Hand Iron Bell

    Got this in the mail yesterday from Prymaxe Vintage. Now, I've only played a couple other fuzz's before, which were my BIg Muff Pi NYC reissue, and the Wampler Leviathon (Levi is a great pedal, but a little too brutal for me.) However; in my opinion, this thing is much better than both. From...
  15. Mattyboy


    Do you just pour 'em straight from the bag into your mouth? Or do you pour them into your hand to see what colors you have? :laugh2: I prefer to pour a dozen or so into my hand so I can check out the colors. And by the way, what happened to the tan ones?? :hmm:
  16. Mattyboy

    It's now 12/21 in Australia

    Anyone online from Ozland? You still with us? :naughty:
  17. Mattyboy

    Your Most Comfortable Guitar?

    The one you throw up against your gut, wrap your hand around the neck and it feels just right. Mine has to be my Strat. :D
  18. Mattyboy

    FT- Fulltone OCD Version 1.6

    -Fulltone OCD V1.6. -Purchased new about a month ago. -New Condition. -No velcro. -Looking to trade for MI Audio-Crunch Box, MXR Carbon Copy or Way Huge Aqua Puss. -Would possibly be open to other trades as well. - Thanks for looking.
  19. Mattyboy

    Macy's Parade- Gibson Float

    Any of you just see that? A Gibson guitar float promoting the Gibson "lifestyle". :laugh2: Would've been nice if someone actually played a guitar. Instead Jimmy Fallon and some rap dude sang We Will Rock You. :hmm: Not saying it was bad, but they could've had a guitarist up there playing...
  20. Mattyboy

    Skittles or Starburst?

    Which one do you like better? I like 'em both, but I gotta go with Starburst. The Skittles flavors get all mixed up when I pour a bunch in my hand. Whereas, your more likely to eat the Starbust one at a time, thus able to enjoy that individual flavor even more. :dude:

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