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    Bias Wrong?

    So a year or so ago, I had my tubes swapped in my 2203. It came back sounding better than it had going in, but still not great. Well the other day I decided it was sounding too weak, and thought maybe I’d just swap the preamps, and try 6ca7s in the power amp. I set up my bias probe on the old...
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    Bias Rite

    looking to get a bias rite for simplicity sake. Who do you recommend? I’m leaning towards Weber or the Eurotubes one. Thoughts?
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    Amp Building

    i want to build an amp. I’ve built pedals and modded pedals and I have enough electrical knowledge to rewire cars and houses. That being said, I only know caps can hold enough charge to kill you, but I do know how to drain them safely :) I wanted to look for some books to get me into the more...
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    Where do y’all get boxes for shipping guitars? I’ve got a Firebird V to ship, and it’s in a case, but looking for a box. Any suggestions?
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    Cab Simulators?

    I run logic, and I am running a head through a Rivera rockcrusher and out from that into my interface. I've read online that it needs a cab sim to sound more realistic. Any recs on free or cheap ones that are worth it?
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    Sourcing Parts?

    Who do you source from? I am looking to mod a pedal and amp, but I'm having a tough time getting all my parts at one source. I dont want to pay $5 shipping for a $.15 part because one store didnt carry it but had the rest. Ive tried a local electronics store, Tubedepot, Amplified Parts, and...
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    Grounding Issue?

    So I have a Yamaha 'fat strat' style guitar that was my first guitar. Now I want to revive it to make it my mod and have fun guitar. Years ago, a girl stepped on it and busted the wood that the tremolo anchored too. I have since reglued and anchored it so its fine. However, I went to plug it in...
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    Paisley Or Euphoria

    I can't decide between the two. It'll be used for pushing a Marshall 2203 or 2555 and occasionally a fender hot rod deville 410 with my les Paul and firebird. I love the presence and mod features on the paisley, but also the three way on the euphoria. What would you do?
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    Bias Resistors?

    I want to put some in my two Marshall's (jcm 800 and silver jubilee) so I can bias them up myself. Will a 2 watt 1k be alright? Does what it's made out of matter? Also is there any good article or place to read up on how to calculate the bias correctly?
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    What Do I Get?

    I have a hundred $gc gift card. I have a gibson les Paul custom and a Marshall JCM800 and silver jubilee. However I dig using pedals. I have a modded sd1 an exotic ep a tremonti Wah a switch less crybaby Wah an mxr 10 band a noise suppressor an rc30 a dd20 and an rv3. I need to spend this on...
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    I was considering getting a chorus. I could grab a tc corona with the tone print which seems cool or the mxr 234 stereo chorus or maybe even a tc chorus+ like Eric Johnson uses. Not that I'm an ej tone chaser, I don't even have a strat. So what do you think?
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    Good Cap Values

    For a firebird V with minis and for a Les paul with humbuckers. Im finally thinking about upgrading my caps and pots so what are the best value ranges for these two guitars and pickups?
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    I'm considering getting a 2555 from a guy who says it has upgraded trannys and caps but the trannys look identical to pics from the website. He's asking 875 for the amp. From they sell for a bit over 1k with an upgrade to mustard caps. He also says it has a tube buffered fx loop...
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    Caps And Pots?

    I want to change the caps in one guitar, and some pedals for mods but what voltage should I use? I have info that tells me what uf to use but what voltage for pedals an or guitars? Also what value of resistance pots do you all recommend for guitars?
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    P90 Humbucker Questions

    If a Tele has a hum in the neck, can I just swap out the pickguard and the pickup for a p90 or a regular tele pickup or mini?
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    Tube Rolling

    I wanna roll some preamps thorough my Jube. Can I just throw it on standby and switch them out or do I need to let it all cool down?
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    Bogner Uberschall

    Should I go for an el34 regular uberschall or the kt88 twin jet?
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    Bogner Uberschall

    Whats a good price? Ive got a line on one with 6CA7s for 1500. Should I pull the trigger?
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    Radial Plexitube

    What's a good idea for a price? One is listed locally. What would you pay if you bought one?
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    Soldano Hot Rod 50

    What do you think is a fair price? one near me is going for 800-850. I havent seen any sell on ebay so Ive got no where to look for prices. What do you think?

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