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  1. oicu812

    Gibson/Epiphone guitar of the day giveaway for Music Cares
  2. oicu812

    John Shanks Collection

    This one is something
  3. oicu812

    Steve Vai Collection

  4. oicu812

    Krieger is Solid

  5. oicu812

    Marty Gets A Gibson Tour And A Gift

  6. oicu812

    A matter of perspective

  7. oicu812

    Everything You've Ever Seen About Cuba is a Lie

    Dig it
  8. oicu812

    Joe Perry representing HK at the Grammy's

    This went over like a screen door in a submarine to most of that crowd, at least the ones the picked up on it.
  9. oicu812

    State of the Union

  10. oicu812

    Dear "news" networks.......

    Dear "news'" networks.......screw the impeachment trial and go to the Harvey Weinstein trial. Money, sex, power, beauty, greed, Hollywood, fame, humiliation, incarceration, now that's real sh*t people are interested in!
  11. oicu812

    Arguably the best performance at NAMM

  12. oicu812

    Finished the fight

  13. oicu812

    No way Jose in today's snowflake PC world - Bobby Bowden

    Not a FSU fan, but Bobby Bowden lays it on the line, how it used to be. No prima donna self indulgent shit in his early days. There were rules and expectations with appearance and behavior.
  14. oicu812

    Dave Amato collection

    Presented by current Gibson employee Mark Agnesi
  15. oicu812

    Bullit sells for $3,740,000

  16. oicu812

    Coach W and Lew

  17. oicu812

    Mecum auctioning two bursts
  18. oicu812

    Ragin' Rock

    gotta love the kid
  19. oicu812

    "The hamburgers are really good too"

    One of the most prophetic statements in modern history
  20. oicu812

    Heeeeeere's Johnny..........

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