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  1. Steven

    Which do you prefer for blues

    Yes, You nailed it. While they are both fantastic guitars, (I own both), I believe the 335 is the most versatile guitar that exists assuming the sample is classic guitars. How ever, as most of us veteran guitarists know, any good standard guitar can tastefully be made to play the blues. It's...
  2. Steven

    A Stupid Question.

    Actually, it's a very good question for those of us that are technically inept, but have many amps and face the same sitiuation time to time.
  3. Steven

    These guys have been blessed. To be able to perform like this in their mid-60's ? WOW

    I am in my late 60's, and can't play like I was able to when in my 30's. My fingers are much more frail.
  4. Steven

    My GAS is getting out of hand

    Absolutely, wouldn't have it any other way, besides, women take up valuable amp and guitar space.
  5. Steven

    My GAS is getting out of hand

    My living room floor has guitar cases packed to the couches along with a Steinway Baby Grand piano and Hammond organ Leslie set-up. The Leslie is in the dining room. my bedroom closet is packed with guitars. My living room wall has guitars hanging from guitar hooks on the wall. Scattered around...
  6. Steven

    Best Leather guitar straps?

    I have about 40 leather straps, and they vary. They are mostly all wide and broken in. If not initially soft. Most are soft leather. All different well known brands. I won't spend an excessive sum of money on a guitar strap.
  7. Steven

    Fun question , please join in

    It all depends on how the other guitars I'd need to try play, and compare.
  8. Steven

    What are considered Clownbursts?

    I have a Les Paul custom that is heritage cherry, and I HATE it when it's referred to as "clownburst". I like the three colors, and preferred it over standard sunburst.
  9. Steven

    how do I delete a forum thread from my posts

    how do I delete a forum thread from my posts
  10. Steven

    how do I delete a forum thread

    how do I delete a forum thread
  11. Steven

    What do people think about retirement?

    I think retirement is fine assuming you have other means of keeping busy and interested, all depends on a persons personality.
  12. Steven

    Originals vs. Covers

    I'm a technician, I play covers, always have. I'm not very creative and don't play original material
  13. Steven

    Can I get my refund on my silverburst?

    My 1982 Heritage cherryburst Les Paul still has the exact same color finish.
  14. Steven

    How much should I pay for this '08 Standard w/ broken headstock?

    That guitar is in terrible condition, I would not want it.
  15. Steven

    Critique me

    Keep practicing. In time you will become more familiar with the scales.
  16. Steven

    Which guitar to keep?

    Can't answer this for you, only you can decide how much you would miss the Strat since you are getting more into jazz style music, and the strat seems more expendable
  17. Steven

    Removing little ding from Goldtop

    I am terribly anal regarding the condiitions of my guitars, however honestly, I could easily live with that tiny tiny ding, guitars sell new with worse that that ! There is NOTHING that can be done that will not lead to a much worse end result.

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