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  1. zeplin

    Supro Dual Tone

    The first guitar I ever touched was a 1961 Supro Dual Tone that belonged to my brother. When I was about 13 he gave it to me but I never got to learn how to play. When I moved away from home in 1981 I gave it to my nephew and that was the last I had seen of it but it will always be my first. A...
  2. zeplin

    Supro Dual Tone

  3. zeplin

    Are Epi 339 Pro HBs wax potted?

    I changed the bridge and tailpieces on my 339 HB Pro and P90 Pro to a black Gotoh set. I now have the urge to remove the covers from the humbuckers and was wondering if they are wax potted and is it much of a hassle to clean them up. I don't want to swap out the pickups at this time. Thanks.

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