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  1. Kashmir

    Live Albums

    My three favorites have always been: 1} The Allman Brothers - At Fillmore East 2} The Rolling Stones - Get Yer Ya Yas Out 3) The Who - Live at Leeds
  2. Kashmir

    Blackberry Smoke - Cocoa

    I saw that show as well. Good one.
  3. Kashmir

    EVH dead at 65

    RIP Ed. One of the greats. One of my favorites.
  4. Kashmir

    All Them Witches - "Nothing As the Ideal" (2020)

    Easily one of my current favorites. Give King Buffalo a listen as well. Awesome too.
  5. Kashmir

    All Them Witches - "Nothing As the Ideal" (2020)

    Interesting rig video about All Them Witches guitarist Ben McLeod:
  6. Kashmir

    Phil Collen sucks

    The only one in the band who's an actual good musician is Viv.
  7. Kashmir

    All Them Witches - "Nothing As the Ideal" (2020)

    I like them a lot, too. King Buffalo is a good one too, even more Floyd-like.
  8. Kashmir

    All Them Witches - "Nothing As the Ideal" (2020)

    For fans of that Pink Floyd spacey sound meets Metal, the latest album by All Them Witches (sounding kind of like King Buffalo and Pearl Jam too) is awesome: All Them Witches - Nothing As the Ideal
  9. Kashmir

    Ebola 2020

    Killer bees, great white sharks invading the upper east coast ...
  10. Kashmir

    Possible Pink Floyd Reunion?

    I'd love to see David Gilmour again. I'd be satisfied with just that, though too bad Wright can be no longer be with him. Mason is cool. Waters bores me.
  11. Kashmir

    COVID19-thread (Title change, Thread for serious info only).

    Hi all! Just wanted to say hello, and that I hope the MLP forum folks are weathering the pandemic storm okay. And I'm hoping the economy and the world gets going again soon and things get back to normal, but not too soon as well. My life hasn't changed all that much, as I'm retired and basically...
  12. Kashmir

    Walmart Discontinues Auto Part Sales To Prevent Car Accidents

    Except those nudies who expose themselves to drivers who can't keep their eyes on the road.
  13. Kashmir

    Joe B shredding an EVH

    I wonder if Eddie has watched that, in total awe. Not a douche at all. Joe's a fine person.
  14. Kashmir

    The end of hook ups and one night stands

    Next time you're going to hook up and have sex, bring a lawyer along as a chaperone.
  15. Kashmir

    I Unhate JB

    Joe's talent is beyond many, but other guitarists are the same in today's recording world. It's what I can't stand about most of Clapton's modern day blues as well. Way too clean and neat. It misses everything about the validity of the blues. And the music is way too full. Gone are the days of...
  16. Kashmir

    "What's in your wallet?"

  17. Kashmir

    Acoustic Intros

  18. Kashmir

    Acoustic Intros

    Yeah, good one for sure! I believe he purposely left out intros that were basically all rythmic chords and not great melodic hooks. Kind of opinionated in choosing those that fit I think. Same with songs that were all acoustic in nature.
  19. Kashmir

    Acoustic Intros

    I always enjoyed "Classical Gas" by Mason Williams. It could have been added. Maybe not because the whole song is acoustic.
  20. Kashmir

    Handicapped Parking Hoarders

    I've been disabled with neurological issues all my life. And I've been walking with at least one crutch since I was 13 years old. I never bothered acquiring an HP plate until I was about 30 years old. I have the plaque now instead of the plate. I get pretty aggravated when I see HP spaces taken...

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