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  1. BMS

    Is this Slash legit?

    I’m sure it’s not. Just verifying for a friend.
  2. BMS

    Need to replace ac cable for old Marshall PA100

    Hi, I need to replace the ac cable for my early 70’s Marshall PA100. It is hardwired. Is it easy to do without zapping myself? Also what gauge would I need? Thanks!
  3. BMS

    Advice on shipping a tube amp.

    Hi all. Need your help an shipping a tube amp. I just sold a Marshall head and want to know if there is a best way to handle the tubes. Should I leave them in. This seems to me the safest way though I’ve heard people removing them. I would think that removing them there’s more potential of...
  4. BMS

    Did a vinyl record floor in my studio.

  5. BMS

    Opinions on 83 Hiwatt OL103 and Value$

    i have an opportunity to do a partial trade for a ‘83 Hiwatt Lead 100 model OL103. Anyone have experience with these? How do they rank against the DR103’s. Is this an avoidable era? Also what are they worth? Thanks for any input. Cheers!
  6. BMS

    FS/Partial Trade '74 Les Paul Custom

    Hi All. Been a long time I've been on here. Been a few changes I see. I'm looking to sell my '74 Gibson Les Paul Custom. It's sunburst. All original except for the tuners, replaced with Sperzels, and the knobs as far as I'm aware. Added thumb wheel on the bridge post. But I'm welcoming to your...
  7. BMS

    What pick ups in the 92 Explorer?

    Asking for my friend. Here are some pics. Sorry I don't have any of the back. Thanks in advance for your help!
  8. BMS

    Chucks with built in Wah pedal!
  9. BMS

    FS: 1983 Gibson Explorer

    Selling my 1983 Gibson Explorer. Comes with Gibson hardshell case. Plays beautifully and stays in tune nicely. Asking $1500 USD Includes shipping to the continental US and Canada. Please ask for a quote outside of these areas. Thanks for looking!
  10. BMS

    Looking a value on my '83 Gibson Explorer

    Here's a picture. It's in great shape. No cracks or breaks. Thanks in advance!
  11. BMS

    FS: '78 Les Paul Standard Tobacco

    Selling my '78 Standard Tobacco Burst. All original. Non original Gibson Case included. No breaks or cracks. Very clean. The only real wear is on the bottom of the neck from wearing a ring. Minor buckle rash. See pics. Feel free to ask me any questions. Asking $2650 US includes free shipping...
  12. BMS

    '78 Tobacco Standard value?

    I'm going to be selling my '78 Tobacco Standard. All original. Minor neck wear and minimal buckle rash. Non original case. Nice axe. Will put up pics soon. What's the ball park on these nowadays? Thanks in advance!
  13. BMS

    Anybody ever ship a full sized tube head?

    If so, what is the best way to package it? What have been your experiences? Shipping or receiving one? I've been told to remove the tubes. But wouldn't they be safer in the sockets? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. BMS

    2015 Vancouver Guitar Show

    Any members going to the Vancouver Guitar Show make sure you stop by my booth and say hi. I will have a large assortment of amps, pedals, pick ups, and other great items up for grabs at decent prices. This years them is a Marshall half stack custom color show and shine. I will post some...
  15. BMS

    Ace Frehley reunited with his '73 Tobacco Deluxe!
  16. BMS

    New '74 LPCD

    Not all original but I got a good deal on it.
  17. BMS

    The Edge living up to his name!

    U2 guitarist The Edge falls off edge of stage in Vancouver - Arts & Entertainment - CBC News
  18. BMS

    Your thoughts on Donner pedals?

    I haven't tried them yet. But if anyone can share they're experiences with them and if they are worth trying, I might give them a go. Cheers!
  19. BMS

    Prince rockin' a L6 Deluxe

    SO MUCH TALENT: PRINCE FIRST TELEVISION APPEARANCE ON NBC’S MIDNIGHT SPECIAL! | FLYHEIGHT Make sure you fast forward about half way through to the second song. It rocks more. And there's some Les Paul action too!
  20. BMS

    2014 Vancouver Guitar Show

    Anyone going to the Vancouver Guitar Show this year? It will be on Sunday, November 9th at the Croation Cultural Center. As always. Not sure who is on here from the lower mainland anymore. I'm sure there might be some new members, maybe some veterans? I will have a table there selling...

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