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  1. GibsonRocker

    First Semester of University - English / EMSP Double Major

    Hello everybody, I'm a week away from completing my first semester of university at Dalhousie, in Halifax NS. It's been fantastic, as I'm taking super a super cool, useless as every other arts degree (I hope to be a teacher, so what I'm taking is actually good for that) in English and Early...
  2. GibsonRocker

    1 Month (or so) into University

    I'm in first year at Dalhousie in Halifax NS. Here be my classes this semester: The Vampire The Voice of Satire Pulp Fiction (unfortunately not about the movie. It's an English class about classic literature that was seen as poppy at its time and are now greats) Film Analysis Magic, Heresy...
  3. GibsonRocker

    I wrote a Book...

    Of poetry! It was actually released in December, but I just finally got around to putting it online for everyone to read. Hope you like it :thumb: Poetry - Words of the English Language - Page 1 - Wattpad
  4. GibsonRocker

    Thump Quoted me in His Signature

    And i just wanted to say I am honoured. It is the first time during my 5 year MLP career I've been quoted by someone. Woo!
  5. GibsonRocker

    iPhone Song Removal

    Anybody know of any good freeware for copying songs from an iPhone to a PC? And no, the music was not purchased from iTunes so that won't work. It needs to be something that isn't just a demo, but can be used without limit.
  6. GibsonRocker

    Anyone live(d) in Montreal?

    I'm thinking of going to university there, and I'd like to hear from y'all what you think of it. What the public transportation like? Standard of living? Rent prices? Music scene? Anything else an 18 year old would want to know about. Thanks everybody.
  7. GibsonRocker

    Some Song Lyrics

    Felt like writing a little something, so here it is. Inspiration is from working at Walmart and seeing the effect such a shitty job can have on people. Enjoy! It is yet untitled. She'd wake up each morning, And try to start the day With a cup of joe, and an ibupro To take the overhang away...
  8. GibsonRocker

    Slotting Acoustic Bridge Saddle

    After months of ridiculous string breaking I finally bought a new saddle for my acoustic. It is a Tusq compensated saddle. It is not slotted, so my question to you is how to do this, without causing the same problem I had before, which is breaking strings at the bridge. Thanks, ya'll.
  9. GibsonRocker

    Any Propagandhi Fans?

    I saw them last night, and after their amazing set and incredible new album they might just be my favorite band now. Absolutely amazing song writing and musicianship. They were a part of a festival involving Lagwagon, The Vandals, as well as a couple of local bands headlines by Rise Against...
  10. GibsonRocker

    Daily String Breaking

    So this summer I experienced one of the most frustrating music related things of my life. Constant string breaking. Every 1-3 days the G on my acoustic will break. Then 1 - 3 days later the D will break. Repeat. ALong with that, throw in the A every 1-2 weeks and thats my situation. Now, it...
  11. GibsonRocker

    A Poem About Canada

    Inspired by the 'Merica Rules thread and some posts I made in it, here is my feelings regarding national pride in poem form. Just wrote it half drunk, so it's very raw but I feel it shows my feelings about the matter. It's mostly a spoken word kind of thing so be patient if it seems to lack...
  12. GibsonRocker

    New Laptop Question

    I recently bought a Lenovo Z580 and I love it. However, the one issue i have it is that when i play game on it in full screen, the left and right sides have about a 2-3 inch black space, making rhe game square. Adjusting game resolution does nothing but make everything within the square...
  13. GibsonRocker

    The Roberteaux Appreciation Thread.

    Here's to one of MLP's all time best members. A man who always shows poise and intelligence in every situation. A man who writes well tough out responses and questions every time, and gives us fantastic short stories. Thank you sir for making this former better with every post you make. :thumb:
  14. GibsonRocker

    Constant String Breaking

    My acoustic is a chronic string breaker. I would estimate around 15 in the last 3-4 weeks. The G and D strings only, except once with the A. I don't play very hard, and It's always at the bridge, so I'm thinking there's a burr. What do ya'll recommend?
  15. GibsonRocker

    Anyone interested in an MLP Fantasy football team?

    Title says it all. I play every year, but never with anyone I know. I think it'd be more fun with some interwebz pals.
  16. GibsonRocker

    A Couple of Video Performances

    I recently participated in a local talent show (didn't win) but a photography company that sponsored it took videos of the performances. here are my Two:thumb: First is Wagon Wheel Logan MacLean Night 1 Then Heart of Gold Logan night 3 Thanks For watching:wave:
  17. GibsonRocker

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    I'm looking into getting this for the upcoming season, does anyone know how much it is? Even better if you know how much for Canada.
  18. GibsonRocker

    Great Tv Shows

    As you all Know there is boatloads of crap out there, but there's some real fantastic shows as well. Such as the insanity that will premiere its 5th season this Sunday. Since last summer I've watched breaking bad, twin peaks, community, arrested development, the wire ad some other great shows...
  19. GibsonRocker

    Do You Sing?

    If not you are really missing out. There are few things more enjoyable than sitting outside on a nice day with an acoustic guitar and just belting out a song or 20.
  20. GibsonRocker

    Societys Perception of Musical Greatness

    Every summer in Charlottetown, a city an hour from my town holds a concert called Summerfest. It's usually a day or two and had a bunch of bands. Generally speaking they get some pretty big names to play and it's really cool. (last year they had meatloaf and the tragically hip as headliners, and...

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