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  1. allenmance

    FSOT: 1955 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    For sale or trade is this killer 1955 Gibson Les Paul Standard. The guitar is 100% original other than a pro refret and plays and sounds amazing. Includes the original four latch case. The price is $60,000 but I am willing to take trade. I'm looking for high-end American and vintage guitars, no...
  2. allenmance

    FT: 1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard - PAF's - 100% Original

    -LOL- I don't think he likes me anyway.
  3. allenmance

    FT: 1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard - PAF's - 100% Original

    *1 more day till it's gone bump*
  4. allenmance

    FT: 1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard - PAF's - 100% Original

    * Why is this guitar still here BUMP *
  5. allenmance

    FT: 1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard - PAF's - 100% Original

    I have dozens of pictures. Just no real reason to pepper the internet with pictures unless there's a serious buyer. It's like the Dumble ODS HRM I have listed, everybody wants pics pics pics pics but they're not interested in buying it.
  6. allenmance

    FT: 1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard - PAF's - 100% Original

    Up for trade is this amazing 1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard. The guitar is 100% Original and totally unmolested. Plays killer with the original frets and sounds just as good as my burst. I'm looking to trade this for high end USA and vintage guitars. 2 or 200, let me know what you have. NO...
  7. allenmance

    FT: Dumble Overdrive Special Head - HRM Circuit - 100% Original

    For sale or trade is this super clean 90s Dumble Overdrive Special amp head. This is a factory EL-34 amp and was one of the last ones of this series. Sounds amazing and is used by the most famous guitarists ever for a reason. These never come up for sale and if they do they are the earlier...
  8. allenmance

    Will the vintage les paul market ever fall?

    If you would have asked me 15 years ago if a burst or Korina would go down in price if the economy crashed I would say no. But in 2010 I could have bought a killer plain top 59 on eBay out of Canada with a starting bid of $90,000. The guy was like 5 hours from me and I told him I would pay him...
  9. allenmance

    FT: 1963 Gibson ES-335

    On the trading block is this very clean 1963 Gibson ES-335. it's all original other than the nut. Plays and sounds absolutely incredible with the original frets with almost no fret wear. The guitar. Includes the original Gibson badged black hard case also in incredible condition. I'm looking to...
  10. allenmance

    Show me your knobs

    My old beater guit 9 10xx
  11. allenmance

    Gibson's First Authorized Boutique Builder

    Why would you pay that kind of money for a white Limba slab COPY guitar when you could buy this beautiful white Limba slab Japanese COPY Memose for 2k shipped? I can promise you the build quality is above or Beyond Gibson CS, especially the board and fretwork.
  12. allenmance

    FT: 4 Real Deal 50s PAF Pickups - Trade For Guitars

    For trade are 8 regular spaced PAF pickups. All are original winding with no modes or issues. All are -long magnet- other than #5. The #5 pickup I've had for 10 years and was a bridge pickup of a 61 LP/SG. I've had it in 20 guitars. #5 has full toolings marks, didn't show up in the pic. I'm...
  13. allenmance

    FSOT: 1969 Gibson Crest Archtop Electric - Museum Condition

    Up for sale or grabs is a vintage mint 1969 Gibson Crest. This guitar is beyond clean for it's age and is 100% original and untouched. There are no fret wear and she plays and sounds amazing. It's very rare to find these guitars, not to mention near mint. The guitar still retains the small...
  14. allenmance

    2 things found after watching PAFs...

    It has nothing to do with pole spacing or cover spacing. Bobbins shrink over time they will actually bow inward. This will create the effect of the poles not lining up with the cover. I've seen it on every PAF set I've ever owned. If a set of PAF's aren't shrunk a little they aren't real. Period...

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