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  1. Hamsterean

    Gibson G45 Studio body depth / thickness

    I have two dreadnought acoustic guitars. One is a Gibson, and another is a Takamine. The Gibson is designed to be comfortable therefore the body thickness is slimmed down, and the Takamine is normal but I think it's even thicker on the bottom side than other dreadnoughts. This makes my Gibson...
  2. Hamsterean

    Strap for Gibson g45 Studio acoustic

    I have no idea what kind of strap fits on a larger strap button that is also a cable jack. I tried fitting in my regular electric guitar strap but it didn't fit at all. The other strap button on the back of the neckjoint is normal sized.
  3. Hamsterean

    I'm sending my Les Paul to Gibson Repair for a nut replacement.

    I'm a bit torn between Emailing and shipping to Gibson Repair or just going to my local repair shop in nyc by train. Gibson Repair is definitely the best choice since my Les Paul is a Gibson. I'm wondering if my Les Paul can handle two shipments. It's a Traditional so it came with a hardshell...
  4. Hamsterean

    Anyone else's Gibson Les Paul bridge look like this?

    It nearly bottoms out because I set it to my low action preference. My Gibson lp traditional 2017's bridge looked higher. This is a 2018 traditional.
  5. Hamsterean

    Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2018 Accidental AAA Flame Top

    Was the same price as a lesser flamed Les Paul traditional.
  6. Hamsterean

    2018 traditional unparallel headstock

    What do I do now? This Les Paul traditional headstock neck carve on the right side goes in too deep. It’s supposed to go straight and then out. It’s not supposed to look like a C.

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