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    Gibson Les Paul Alex Lifeson Axcess - Monster Flame!

    I am the original owner - guitar is basically new. It has never left my smoke free home and has seen minimal play time. I waited a long time to find this guitar, based on it's killer top. I was pleasantly surprised to find it's also a complete tone monster with tons of sustain. You will not be...
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    New Lifeson Axcess is noisy

    It looks great, plays great, tone and sustain are fantastic, but as soon as I plug it in I get tons of hiss, even with the volume completely rolled off. My other guitars are dead quiet. It makes no difference whether the piezo is bypassed or not. I haven't had time to look into it yet, but...
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    Dealers posting on Ebay?

    Who are these guys that post new Gibsons on Ebay, but state they are not dealers, so there is no warranty? If they are not dealers, how are they getting new Gibsons? I know in at least one case, it is a Gibson dealer who's Ebay handle is an alt to the store's official Ebay handle. I'm sure...
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    Thinning and refinishing the neck on a BFG...?

    I love my BFG except that the neck is too thick and too rough. I'd like to thin it down to a 60's slim taper D shape and seal it or refinish it so it's smooth like a regular neck. How bad could I screw this up if I try it myself? I've got some basic wood working experience but no luthiery skills...
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    Output jack on my 335 shorting out

    Ugh! Does that mean I have to pull the whole wiring harness? I can't see any other way of accessing the jack other then to pull the whole thing. I can't even see in there with a dental mirror to tell if a wire is breaking loose. I've been dreading taking this on... :(
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    Any opinions on Carvin's LP style guitar?

    I've been looking around for a used Axcess, but for much cheaper I can spec out a Carvin LP with a Floyd. I'm not crazy about the 25" scale (but am not sure I'd even really notice the difference) or the 10 week delivery, but other then that they sure seem like a bargain. Anyone ever do a...
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    Hello from CT

    Hi all, Nice place you have here! I'm actually not an LP owner currently but am looking for one now. Current axes are an ES-335 and a Hamer Standard. Can anyone tell me why I can't send PM's and e-mails? I don't seem to have those options in my profile. Is there some other step I...
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    WTB - Les Paul Axcess

    With Floyd Rose only - flamey iced tea preferred. Anyone have one they've been thinking about selling before I drop the coin on a new one? I'm a new user here but have tons of references on TGP and elsewhere. Thanks!

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