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  1. brianbzed

    What amp did this Great Guy use?

    Man, I sure miss Leslie West ! Just heard a remix of Mississippi Queen...absolutely smoking..anybody know what amp he used for that track? I am pretty sure it wasn't a Marshall...
  2. brianbzed

    What famous player have you seen live, that was having a bad night?

    Steve Miller- 1993.....poor guy was really out of it....I was watching the show with one of my students, who replied " you're a better player than him...he stinks!"
  3. brianbzed

    Unprofessional things you've heard from the stage....

    From an 80's amateur, thrash band.." sorry, Man...our drummer f*cked up that song....'cause he's a d*ck......"
  4. brianbzed

    Studio Lord?

    I'm pretty sure I saw a Les Paul-style guitar model called a "Studio Lord." Who was the manufacturer and are they hard to find?
  5. brianbzed

    Ha Ha!! Post your LesPaul "Guitar Face"

    Just for fun...let's see 'em!
  6. brianbzed

    A Tele and what pedal?

    "Main Street" know the Bob Seger tune....recorded by Pete Carr, the Muscle Shoals legendary guitar Ace. Anyone know what fuzz pedal he used with a Tele to get that righteous tone? Been trying forever and haven't found the combination.
  7. brianbzed

    She really does care, but speaks a different language!....

    I realize that I am in the minority here, but Wifey really does care about my guitars...albeit she has her own monikers for them: The '59 Reissue- "the Sunburst" (she got this one right!) Goldtop-"that gold one" Custom-"the black one" Wine Red Standard- "the burgundy one" Alpine White Standard-...
  8. brianbzed

    Played a VERY nice '59 RI today

    Had only seen them on the ' new musician friend brought his Bloomfield for worship today. Apparently, they were a run of 300 from 2007? Ser# M B 12x.. nice faded Burst, same grain pattern, tuners and mis-matched knobs like the original. She was everything you'd expect in '59 RI! Even...
  9. brianbzed

    What is this model?

    Hey Guys, I've seen random pictures of a differently configured Les Paul, but don't know what it is called. It has Custom appointments, but only a single bridge pickup and a single control knob. Very cool and has me GASsing.
  10. brianbzed

    Sunday afternoon with my Tele and a buddy....

    Fender 2015 Limited Edition Tele...all rosewood neck, Twisted Tele pups....plays great, better than average tone...good looking boy with a terrible disposition!
  11. brianbzed

    There are worse ways to spend Sunday afternoon.....

    Just me, my Goldtop and my little buddy, Chairman Meow....
  12. brianbzed

    A mythical Derrig?

    Have you ever seen one for sale?
  13. brianbzed

    Father's Day sale at GC.....

    Not so surprising, but I didn't see any screaming deals on pro grade instruments. Tried the newest American Elite Stratocasters.....underwhelming to say the least. Good looking guitars, but the pickups were anemic and thin sounding. Also tried the same series of Telecaster....sounded fine, but...
  14. brianbzed

    Who Was Your First Les Paul Hero?

    Peter Frampton. Frampton Comes Alive was being played almost continually on AM radio in those days. When I saw the album cover, I thought,"Man, that guy and THAT guitar are HAPPENING!" Okay....I know....totally lame and corny now, but I was only 12 years old!
  15. brianbzed

    A Crybaby + a Les Paul=?

    Got to use my Lester and Crybaby on some funky tunes this past weekend! Great fun! My middle-aged brain can't remember any artists or recordings with this combination......what say you guys?
  16. brianbzed

    Any reasonably priced,unmolested Deluxes out there?

    Apparently, a reasonably priced, unmolested 70's-80's Deluxes are hard to find! Even boogered ones on Reverb start at $1900!
  17. brianbzed

    The "Other Guitarist..."

    Since we are discussing the other guitarist in the band, I can't let Derek StHolmes stay unmentioned!
  18. brianbzed

    Anyone tried "lipstick tube" type pickups?

    Wanna build a retro vibe Strat style. Lipstick tubes looks very cool. Do they sound like vintage Fender single coils, or something different?
  19. brianbzed

    Why is your Les Paul missing the TRC?

    Maybe a silly question, but valid nonetheless!
  20. brianbzed

    Unimpresed with new 335

    Tried a new 335 Studio over the weekend......not impressive. The guitar obviously had been hanging in the shop for some time.....dusty, slightly corroded strings.....needed a setup badly....had a very visible bow in the neck. I may be old school, but a brand new guitar should NOT need a setup...

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