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  1. JMP

    How Did You Improve Your Rig/Tone in 2021?

    I’ve been experimenting with string gauges on my guitars. It totally changed the feel on the instruments, which impacts how I play. Bonus- it’s a cheap and fun experiment.
  2. JMP

    NGD 60's Standard Lemonburst - SW AAA

    Killer guitar ya got there! I somehow missed this SW color.
  3. JMP

    Finally tried a DiMarzio Super Distortion…

    Thanks for posting the video! Great song.
  4. JMP

    GHS Boomers vs D'addario XL

    In my experience, the DAddario strings I’ve used typically feel harsh under my fingers and have a bright tinny sound that I just cannot get along with. I prefer GHS Boomers myself. Experiment and find the strings you like.
  5. JMP

    Trade-offs on choosing a standard

    Myself, I’d probably lean toward the Traditional range. Don’t limit yourself to specific year. Id guess you could score the best deal shopping for a used Trad.
  6. JMP

    NGD: SW 50s Standard Iced Tea Burst

    Congratulations. Looks perfect to me.
  7. JMP

    Gibson LP Traditional w/ Wizz pickups and more!

    Hot damn!
  8. JMP

    Peter Green - End of the Game Era Tone

    Fantastic jam by the way!
  9. JMP

    NEW Epiphone Les Paul Custom Blackback Limited-Edition Electric Guitar Antique Ivory

    I really dig this model. It’s unique and screams rock n roll. Epiphone has been on a tear the last few years.
  10. JMP

    NVGD: 1956 Les Paul Standard (Formerly the "Poor Man's" One)

    Wow! I suppose the definition of “poor man” is relative and subjective. Thanks for sharing the story and photos! Congratulations.
  11. JMP

    Ernie Ball 10-52, right strings - right guitar.

    Like you, I’ve found that it takes some experimenting to find the best strings for a particular guitar. 10-46 feel killer on my R7, while the same strings feel stiff and tough to play on my Traditional. The Trad works best with a 9-42 set.
  12. JMP

    Guitar "Bonding" is Real

    Whatever makes you happy and inspires you to keep playing and having fun. Congratulations on the Custom!
  13. JMP

    NGD! Finally back!

    Without comprehensive photo documentation, I simply cannot believe you. All kidding aside, congratulations! Share some photos when you can.
  14. JMP

    Finally tried a DiMarzio Super Distortion…

    Awesome write up. I’m intrigued.
  15. JMP

    the official Les Paul Traditional love thread

    Was spacing out and playing on a sunny Saturday morning and noticed this. My 2016 Traditional.
  16. JMP

    Major man cave / music room upgrade!

    I can appreciate this thread. Enjoy the new window treatments and bed spread.
  17. JMP

    2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus Top

    I have a 2016 Trad…they are outstanding.
  18. JMP

    Murphy lab basic questions

    I heard they used rainbow colored unicorn turds in the grain filler and t-Rex bones for the nut material. I’m gonna keep believing this unless someone offers definitive evidence to the contrary.
  19. JMP

    FS: Murphy Labs, True Historics, Brazilians, Flying V, Explorer, Amps, Pickups, etc

    I agree, less is more. Good luck with you sales and hunt for staff. I work in civil engineering on the east coast and we’re so busy we simply cannot staff all the projects. And let’s not talk about the infrastructure funding that’s going to hit….
  20. JMP

    How much better is a Gibson vs my Epi 1960s Tribute Plus?

    It’s all subjective. Go try some Gibson Les Pauls and decide what feels and sounds best to you. Unfortunately, there’s not a definitive answer to your question.

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