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    Tne pot 300 or 500k and volume pot 500 or 300K?

    So I have these pots left: 2x Gibson Pot 500k Short 2x Gibson 300k Short Linear Pot How does a wiring harness 300K for the volume pots and 500K for the tone pot Compare soundswise to a wiring harness 500K for the volume pots and 300K for the tone pot?
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    I NEED ONE, PLEASE HELP ME :P if youve got one, pm me please
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    IM LOOKING FOR: Gibson Historic creme rings and historic creme switch plate

    Gibson Historic creme rings and historic creme switch plate Contact me if yu have what i need!
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    Anyone has an '00, '01, '02 or 2003 Historic with origingal pots?

    Could you please tell me the potcodes and show me pictures of how the pots look?
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    Monster flametop 59 Gibson Les Paul with Gibson amps

    Hi :) I wanted to share some great pics that I shot two days ago of my gear. My Marshalls JCM800 4010, Studio 15 4001, Master Lead 30 5010 and Lead 12 5005 were NOT alloud to attend this party, haha! :)
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    Monster flametop 2001 Gibson LP '59 Historic Reissue

    And again I swear by those early 2000s '59 Historics. This guitar is so loud unplugged. De flametop looks great from every angle. Tighter flame from this side.. And wide flames from the other side :)
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    How much Ohm were the pots that came originally in a 2001 R7/R8/R9?

    How much Ohm were the pots that came originally in a 2001 R7/R8/R9?
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    WTB: used creme Historic pup rings and poker switch

    Contact me if youve got that for me! Im not looking for the plastics that have a pinkish tint to them. :)
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    WTB: 2001 Historic potentiometer or Historic wiring harness

    Contact me if you have a: 2001 Gibson Historic potentiometer; or 2001 Gibson Historic Wiring harness :)
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    Anyone built an solid maple electric guitar?

    Im planning a build, which would be a solid maple body, set neck, with a maple neck and rosewood fretboard. Im not concered about the brightness, because many people that actually had full maple electric guitars said that they arent as bright sounding like many people might think. However, I...
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    Does a 1999 R9 have a COA? (no 40th ann.R9)

    The seller claims the 1999 R9s dont have a COA but the thread Historic changes 93 to 2007 tell me 1999 was the year when they began with the COA. I do know that the 40th ann. R9s have the COA, but what about the normal R9s from 1999? i want to trade my 2003 brazilian rw r9 against his 1999 r9...
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    WANTED: Gibson LP Historic Reissue from the year 1993 to 2007

    Gibson LP Historic Reissue from the year 1993 to 2007: OFFER ME EVERYTHING! '58, '59 or '60 Standard Reissue, Black Beauty '54, '57 and '60 Custom Reissue is also allowed! I want to buy one.. Im in Europe, Netherlands.
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    not for sale anymore
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    Are these Tim Shaw pickups?

    Im not sure... I have a feeling that they might be early Gibson 490 pickups.
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    Where can I buy pickup magnets? (NO Crazyparts because of very bad customer service)

    Just like the title says. Where can I buy pickup magnets? I need A2, A3, A4 and A5, all long and short. I want to change the magnets in my 2003 Brazilian LP pickups... A little experiment with the magnets! :) I dont want to order from Crazyparts because of realy bad customer service, so bad...
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    Is there a way to change magnets on a potted pickup...

    Without messing everythin up? Re-waxing in thise case is not an option. :)
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    Luthiers.. Opinions on intonation around the third in stead of at the twelve fret..

    After I have done intonation at the 12 fret and check the intonation at the first few frets, everything is just by a hair off. Chrods or power chords after the twelfe fret I pretty much do not play at all, only single notes. Isn't it then better to intonate around the third fret? Seems more...
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    Gibson '61 SG Maestro, '59 LP Brazilian rw, Goldtone GA30RVS and GA20RVT..

    For the people that don't visit the Historics & Reissues section.. Here's a nice combo for ya. :p The guitar is named: The Kiss.. 2003 Brazilian '59 Gibson LP: The KIss.. Gibson SG '61 Meastro vibrola.. Gibson Goldtone GA30RVS.. Gibson GA20RVT..

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