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    Gibson zero fret nut

    I’ve got a couple project guitars I’m building from scratch. Wandré style aluminum necks. I’d like to use something like the ZFAN nut. Anyone know where I can buy a couple??? Thanks!
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    Strange 80’s stop bar trem

    Any idea what this is? Looks like a Floyd rose meets les/trem?
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    fender vintera Quietly, fender makes smart moves while Gibson works on cooking up new ways to alienate their customer base. Play authentic!
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    Phony Lp Custom??? So many things look so wrong.
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    67? EB2 needs tuners

    I've got a great sounding beat up EB2 and the tuning machines are really stiff. I've taken the tuning machines apart, cleaned them, bathed them, lubed them up and asked them really nicely to do their job... but they refuse to turn smoothly and are kind of a problem the Fly guitars website...
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    future price ups on Epiphones

    Well you’re the expert. How about this: “Hey...I hear there’s a tarrif thing going on with China. What’s that gonna do to Epiphone prices?” Is that ok? Or does it violate the rules.
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    97 Epiphone les paul maple body and neck?!?

    so I just stumbled onto a too cheap not to take home epi les paul. It's an odd one. Solid one piece maple - with a bit of curl and figure and a maple neck. It's on the lighter side of middle weight but is a snarly snappy sounding guitar. Pickups have a very light stamp/engraved epiphone...
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    Looking to buy mik epiphone rivoli

    This might be a long shot...but I'm looking for a rivoli. Any condition, project guitar is fine Thanks.
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    1980's Double Creme Duncans?

    Ive got a pair of these that were installed in an '81 Dean Golden E'lite. Original owner said he had the Dimarzio's pulled out and these installed. I'm not super familiar with the history of Duncan's. Anyone know anything about this sticker etc.? thanks zack
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    FS 1999 LP deluxe ltd ed $1400

    Here' the reverb link: Definitely a brighter more chimey les paul, this Wine red les paul deluxe has a duncan antiquity in the bridge. All plastic swapped out for black with a 5-ply black pickguard (original creme plastic in original "California girl...
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    FS: 1999 les paul deluxe ltd ed. $1400

    Wine red lp deluxe. Medium weight, flame top 60's-ish neck profile, duncan antiquity in bridge. Pro setup with 10's has black pickup surrounds and a 5 ply pickguard. Original creme plastic parts in case. Original "California girl case" Neck had a hairline crack when I purchased the guitar...

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