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  1. Martijn R.

    NGD: '21 Epi Firebird!

    Very nice, congrats! I'd like one at some point.
  2. Martijn R.

    Honey, no really, we are snowed in..

    They got hit by a wonderwall of snow...
  3. Martijn R.

    How many Guitars (total) are in your collection, right now?

    I'm with the I'll equipped gang, only 4 so far (I'd like to add two more at least) The plus side is that my wife permits them hanging on the wall in the living room :thumb:
  4. Martijn R.

    Whats your all time favorite guitar pick ? Pick as in plectrum

    So far i prefer Dunlop Hetfield's White Fang Custom Flow: Also bought the regular Dunlop Ultex Flow 1.14 which are cheaper but they don't feel the same. Not sure if the White Fang is Ultex material or not but the edges are more beveled compared to the regular Ultex Flow 1.14. I sometimes use...
  5. Martijn R.


    The hills are alive with the sound of.......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I´M GONA DIEEEEEEEEEEE
  6. Martijn R.


    Can't be any wind in that crack, if there was he'd splatter al over the place.
  7. Martijn R.

    When Karens Attack: No Soup For You

    That cashier got rather souped-up.
  8. Martijn R.

    NGD: Dream R8 with a Ding!

    I know the feeling, I have two daugthers and thus hang the guitars on the wall. Contemplated doing that the otherway around but i expect it wouldn´t go down well with my wife :hmm: On topic: Beautiful top! Dings tend to be inevitable, wise decision.
  9. Martijn R.

    What's your Les Paul neck preference?

    Gibson wise i´ve only played a 60´s slim taper, never a 50´s. Sometimes i prefer my thin U shaped ESP/LTD´s, sometimes my Gibson LP 60´s. I used to have a Epi SG G-400 which felt quite a bit bigger but that wasn´t bad per se, just different.
  10. Martijn R.

    NGD for ME!!!!

    Very nice, not bad having aged hardware if its still functioning.
  11. Martijn R.


    Grinding "The Crack".....then listening to the narrator....."deep deep down, far far in" :rofl:
  12. Martijn R.

    The Great Epiphone/Gibson Debate

    Meh those clipped wing headstocks look cheap...... :iough:
  13. Martijn R.

    This little piggy screamed bloody murder.

    I was just gonna read a thread or two before going to sleep, laying in bed already. What was I thinking reading this thread...I'm gonna be dreaming of shredded toenails, pimpled asses and stitched up body parts now :run:
  14. Martijn R.

    So, what do you do for a living...

    We had a nest of european hornets in our cavity wall last year, had the occasional one flying in the house. We could hear the noise from the nest through a 12 cm stone wall while standing 2 meters from the wall. Luckily the european version is not hugely agressive, still sound like a bomber...
  15. Martijn R.

    Knobs keep falling off

    I had this issue on my first guitar, after spreading the ears on the potshaft i managed to pry some lead sheeting in between the ears to keep them from "collapsing". Don't forget to wash your hands afterwards when using lead tho...
  16. Martijn R.

    Wireless Systems? Need Advice

    Following this with high interest. High on my purchase list is the Line 6 G50, way overkill for a homeplayer like me but I like the metal transmitter where most others seem to be plastic. Two simple AA batteries are a bonus too in my book. For me it's just about eliminating the risk of someone...
  17. Martijn R.

    This will buff out right? 1980 Custom

    Looks like someone used it to play fetch with an alligator :Ohno:
  18. Martijn R.

    RUN FOR THE HILLS- Karens’ After Eddy Now Too!

    As said in the article, nothing changed since the 80's (or even before that I guess). Those parents must live in a really small world. Kudos to the kids for supporting their principal! If anyone is extreme in their behaviour it's the parents trying to oppress people who are "different" then...
  19. Martijn R.

    Sciences proves that ejaculating more often reduces your risk of CANCER

    So I wonder, the office likes to facilitate in our ergonomic needs with large screens on stands, ergonomic chairs and electric desks which we can raise so we can stand behind our desk. Maybe they can facilitate in this too and create a new job opening, "under desk management". I know I'd be...
  20. Martijn R.

    FB, Instagram, WhatsApp are down globally.

    Fun fact, Facebook had to to use Twitter to publicly inform of their downtime.

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