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    2 epiphone Les paul elites for sale -UK

    I've got two epiphone Les paul elites for sale I'm Glasgow in the uk and happy to post in the uk Not sure how to ad pics here One is a standard in a stunning flame top in honeyburst 2nd is a custom in black Happy to send pics via email or that Get in touch if your interested 750 each...
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    UK sellers thread

    Heres pics...
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    UK sellers thread

    Im selling my 2010 epiphone les paul slash afd plus hardcase and COA Looking for 650 plus free delivery to anywhere in the uk
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    The Fake Epiphone Thread II

    real or fake?
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    The Fake Epiphone Thread II

    real or fake?
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    any videos of jb actually playing an epi live?

    Looking for a video of joe bonamassa actually playing an epiphone les paul live..
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    NGD - Joe Bonamassa Pelham Blue

    After trying out the new jb lp in pb..i decided it was the guitar for me..the mrs paid for half for me so all good..was 529 gbp in the a price match and a bit of haggling..took it home brand new boxed and set up for 450 i paid 225 n the mrs paid the win in...
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    decision help..

    I love only two points which make it confusing is that i prefer the neck profile on the jb..not that i dislike the one on the rc..just prefer the jb..however im getting a great deal on the rc and i love the sd pickups..if i miss the rc now n get the jb then ill risk paying full price...
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    decision help..

    Right guys..trusted les paul players..need your help..ive been offered a like new epi slash rosso corsa for 450 gbp..but ive found the new joe bonamassa blue les paul for 445..i can haggle with a few shops so prob closer to 400..which do i buy???? I love both..i want buying one now...
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    The Fake Epiphone Thread II

    Heres pics
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    The Fake Epiphone Thread II

    Can someone help..found a guitar on ebay a few weeks ago..told the seller its fake..hes nieve and wont admit it...hes put it back on today..anyone wanna advise him? Ebay no 191529677648
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    The Fake Epiphone Thread II

    Good stuff..ive told the seller n hes nieve n saying its real..
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    The Fake Epiphone Thread II

    Hi can you guys take a look at 191502004219 on ebay..ive told the person its fake and also reported to ebay but hes still sold it today. .trying to protect the buyer here
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    New Epiphone Catalog 2015 online

    I cant view either..must b cus im on my
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    I've only gone and done it.

    Nice that a wine red finish?
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    V100afd let down

    Hi sounds like a bad experience with the afd..i tried one in my local store around a week ago and for the 255 gbp i was blown away with it to be honest..pickups sounded great..neck and general feel of the guitar was say try n find anothe before making your opinion final..also vintage...
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    review of epiphone slash rosso corsa

    Hi since its been a month or two since these hit the shelves in the uk..has anyone got a detailed review of these after the initial buzz of buying it has wore off (unless thats not wore off yet ha)... Theres not many videos of these on youtube as of yet..
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    New Epi Les Pauls for 2015

    I like the looks of the new iommi sg..wonder what the price will be etc
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    Soloing in hell

    Rock on...look like a slash and ozzy mash up ha..
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    anyone able to identify this epi lp?

    Here are two photos of the cavity holes/wiring etc..still fake?

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