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  1. kungpow!

    Best Leather guitar straps?

    Levy glove leather Super soft and comfy I have a couple Italias... Thick leather, very stiff. Nice color options. Prefer the Levy
  2. kungpow!

    NCD New Cab Day!

    Hahahaa! This entire thread is awesome! Enjoy your cab.:laugh2:
  3. kungpow!

    Guitar Warehouse speakers

    I put one in silver face princeton reverb. Fairly "vintage correct" speaker for that amp I believe. Sounds good, and great price. I would buy more speakers from them.
  4. kungpow!

    NGD-Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop Japanese Market Kazuyoshi Saito

    Different! That access cutout is aggressive:eek2:
  5. kungpow!

    NGD: 1960 LP Special Single Cut VOS

    Those look great TV yellow or Limed mahogany? I never understood the distinction
  6. kungpow!

    1991 in a Box

    Cool idea for a pedal, tryin nail a particular album tone. Huge pj fan. But the demo is not impressive tbh. Pretty sure one can nail that tone by running a ts9 into front on a marshall, I think stone and mike used this setup on Ten
  7. kungpow!

    Squid Game on Netflix

    Half way thru. It's ok. Not great imo. I Want to know where its going, what's the point of all this?! Honestly, the graphicness kinda turns me off...
  8. kungpow!

    What OD/Distortion For Orange Terror Amps

    Treble booster. I have a BBE freq boost, and I like it going into my OR15. Searing lead tone... I disagree with others here, I like a Tube screamer going into the front of my OR15. Gain low, level up. Tightens and adds sustain. Awesome lead sound. But maybe the dark terror is a little...
  9. kungpow!

    Who Likes The Burstbucker #1 And #2 ?

    I found them fine. Big, full, and warm sounding. Maybe lacking articulation?! But I took em outta that guitar and put in Sheptone and haven't looked back
  10. kungpow!

    Best guitar strings?

    Try Dunlop Tried em few years ago, for cheap, and found them quite good, at least as good as my usual favorite, GHS Boomers
  11. kungpow!

    Speaking of women with big mouths

    Why did I click on this thread......
  12. kungpow!

    I need suggestions for dates

    Keep it classy Hooters :fingersx:
  13. kungpow!

    USA Men’s Basketball Team smh

    So much for a Dream Team... I think times are different, too. Basketball is everywhere. Cant just walk on the court and expect to crush the opponent by 50 points without breaking a sweat.
  14. kungpow!

    Craigslist Horror for $1500

    Wtf is a condor les Paul?! Gross ...
  15. kungpow!

    Types of boost

    After 40 years, time to get a Tubescreamer. It'll push the front of that Supro, and get you Supersession or Beano tones. Gain low, level up.
  16. kungpow!

    Is it time to try a Compressor pedal again?

    They're an odd duck. One trick pony to me. I use to crank the compression, for a real squashed sound, and clean, plucky stuff. Kinda fun. Meh... What recordings were actually made with a compressor pedal? Heard the intro to Under the bridge by chili peppers was compressed, but that's all...
  17. kungpow!

    This looks weird, right?

    One of the ugliest Jrs I've seen. Headstock is a red flag

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