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  1. calieng

    Murphy Lab Goldtops - '54 '56 '57 Darkback

    Downsizing the collection - these guitars are unplayed other than a setup check. Case stored since new. 1954 Heavy Aged $6400 shipped. 1956 Ultra Light Aged $SOLD 1957 Darkback Light Aged $5900 shipped. More details in Reverb listings here:
  2. calieng

    SOLD Wildwood Spec 1960 Les Paul VOS

    Just got this one on trade for a PRS. And it is a real nice one. Had to give it some pretty hard thought to decide to list it. But still need to downsize the collection. Weighs in a 8lbs 5oz and sounds amazing. Very resonant. The flames are extremely 3D and deep when viewed about 45 degree...
  3. calieng

    Fralin PAF ?

    Hey I was just watching some vids on replicas and I came across one where the author said Max Baranet prefered Wizz and Fralin pickups as sounding the closest to real PAFs. I mostly use Wizz but was interested in ordering some Fralins to try. I have had their single coils but not the...
  4. calieng

    FS: Murphy Labs, True Historics, Brazilians, Flying V, Explorer, Amps, Pickups, etc

    A little too much to list all on here so please check out my Reverb store. Putting up 2 Brazilian '59s, Murphy aged True Historic, Murphy Lab goldtops, and a bunch of other stuff. Should be all listed by this afternoon. For forum members - no tax, no shipping charge, and discount the Reverb...
  5. calieng

    The Marriage Counsellor - 1W Plexi Amplifier

    Do you think you are a rock star but when you are done jamming on your JCM800 and 4X12 the kids, and the dogs, and your wife all frown at you? Do your neighbors greet you on the street with an "oh - so you play guitar do you?" and then walk away in disgust. Perhaps you need the Marriage...
  6. calieng

    Baker B3 SL Deluxe and 59 Brazilian

    As new B3 SL Deluxe Quilt and SL Deluxe / 59 spec with Brazilian. $5k and $5.5k
  7. calieng

    Advice on Value - Headstock Repair

    Just kicking around the idea of putting the Ace Frehley up for sale. Still trying to downsize the collection and starting to get into some of the more unique guitars. Here is the issue. First it has a headstock repair. Done 5 years ago by the original owner. Rock solid since then and recently...
  8. calieng


    I have two of these guitars. Extremely beautiful and resonant. $SOLD for the 2013 quilt and $TRADED for the 2017 flame. 2013 Red Tiger, Artist Grade Quilt Maple top, Mahogany body, Pattern Thin carved East Indian Rosewood neck, 10″ radius Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard with the Bird inlays...
  9. calieng

    New Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

    I got this guitar as part of a recent trade deal. Looks like a pretty nice one. $2000 shipped.
  10. calieng

    Pickup alignment trick

    Was fixing some mis-aligned pickups on a fellow forum mates guitar I just purchased. Thought I would post a pic of a simple alignment trick. Just string up the high and low E strings and align across the pole pieces. Use 2 identical pickguards to further align/space pickups and help hold in...
  11. calieng

    Marshall Internal Jumper Mod

    I was working on a JTM45 kit from Mojotone and thought I would post a quick photo of the super simple internal jumper mod so you no longer need the external patch cord to blend the channels on vintage Marshall style circuits. Just add a jumper wire between pin 2 and pin 7 on the first preamp...
  12. calieng

    Two Rock Classic Reverb and Coral

    Continuing to downsize the collection here are a 50W Two Rock Classic Reverb and a 100W Coral. Very low hours on them as they have been stored in my spare room that past couple years. I ordered the Coral direct from Two Rock at the end of the run a couple years ago and the Classic Reverb I...
  13. calieng

    Brazilian 1959 Les Pauls

    I have two I will make available. 2018 Brazilian 1959 from Dave's on the left (Japan export run) and a 2017 CME Les Paul Standard (1959) on the right. 2018 is stock. The 2017 has Wizz pickups but I can reinstall Custom Buckers. Both upgraded with newer truss rod covers, thin bridge thumb...
  14. calieng


    Downsizing the collection. This guitar was purchased a couple months ago and is unplayed (other than setup and fresh strings). Mint new condition. I was buying one from each model year but have changed directions with my guitar collection and I am just not a P-90 player so this one is up for...
  15. calieng

    SOLD: 2021 Murphy Lab 1959 UL Aged Les Paul Southern Fade

    Selling one of the replacement guitars I received from Gibson. It has the newer finish so no defective cherry pore filler. It is close to mint with only a few hours use. There is one small chip that I sealed with a drop of lacquer on the upper cutaway edge. I will provide additional pics to...
  16. calieng


    Some sold - others now on Reverb. 2021 Murphy Lab Ultra Heavy Aged unpotted Custom Buckers 8.05 bridge, 8.07 neck 2020 Murphy Lab unpotted Custom Bucker pickups 8.08 bridge, 8.12 neck 2 Set Murphy Lab 2021 Custom Bucker Pickups 8.13 and 8.14 bridge, 8.12 and 8.17 neck. Mix and...
  17. calieng

    SOLD: Wizz Pickups and OX4

    Just clearing out my spare parts. All prices include Paypal fee and shipping. 2021 Wizz double cream pickups with aged covers. 8.52 bridge 7.83 neck. $SOLD Old school Wizz pickups from early production. Black with aged gold pole pieces. Mega mojo. 7.54 bridge 7.55 neck. $SOLD...
  18. calieng

    WTB: 1965 Guitar

    Looking to add another 1965 guitar to the collection (birth year). I have a nice example of a Jazzmaster and Jaguar already. Not opposed to picking up another one but also open to Strat, Tele, SG, or maybe ES model or some other nice guitar from that year. Or even if you have an interesting...
  19. calieng

    Need Opinion - Zebras or what?

    Just clearing out some spare parts and trying to make a few final decissions on which guitars to keep as I downsize the gear a bit more. Need your opinion on the 2015 True Historic 1960. Is it a keeper or if I do sell which would you prefer as a buyer - the zebras, creams, or aged nickel? Let...
  20. calieng

    Aged Parts the Easy Way with Chef Chris

    There was a discussion a while back about aging nickel parts. I did some pickups today and took a few photos to show the process. You need contained air space (zip lock bag, pyrex etc depending on part size), large swab, muriatic acid. CAUTION: wear eye protection and gloves. Do not attempt at...

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