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  1. tenchijin2

    Will hanging a guitar by its headstock damage it?

    As in the first reply: only if the physical contact with the hanger damages the finish.
  2. tenchijin2

    GnR 86 demo

  3. tenchijin2

    Who also plays bass?

    To address your specific question- most likely you'll find the bass more physically demanding than guitar. The longer scale, and the heavier neck really does take a toll, physically. I play in bands as a bass player, and I play in band as a guitar player. I'm in good shape. I DEFINITELY feel it...
  4. tenchijin2

    Anyone else get a PM from member Lubafenniman ? Scam?

    You could run a google search on the email address and see if it pulls up any suspicious results.
  5. tenchijin2

    How many guitars to get to your #1

    Right but that's where I started- I don't have a #1 for gigs, because it's project dependent. ES335 for Funktown PDX, Strat Plus for Rockit Radio, and at other times it was an LP.
  6. tenchijin2

    How many guitars to get to your #1

    That's what I figurei is true for most people. I just don't have a "# 1" personally. I will grab the guitar that I feel is right for the purpose- for example, if I'm testing a new amp I already have an idea which project it's for, and I'll select the guitar that matches that project.
  7. tenchijin2

    How many guitars to get to your #1

    I can't be the only person who doesn't have a "#1." In one band I prefer my ES335, and in another it's a Strat Plus. And depending on my mood I may just grab an LP, or a Telecaster. Depends a lot on what I expect to be doing.
  8. tenchijin2

    Gibson quality going down the drain again ...

    It *has* to be.
  9. tenchijin2

    NAD... Almost

    Well, I sort of expected this, and it's come to pass. We're moving out of our house and leaving town next Monday, and what day is the amp scheduled to arrive? Yeah next Monday LOL. No big deal, I'd already requested to have it shipped to my office. However, it means I won't actually get to play...
  10. tenchijin2

    NAD... Almost

    I think this one will be great as my amp in a Boston tribute band I've recently joined. I'm alternating between acoustic 12 string and my Les Paul depending on the song. Small stage footprint, fairly high gain, should sound great mic'ed up.
  11. tenchijin2

    NAD... Almost

    If it's more or less the same as the one I had before that Randy built, I'll be very pleased. Everyone I demo'd it for loved it.
  12. tenchijin2

    NAD... Almost

    OK, Randy sent me photos of the finished amp last night! Should be on its way to me today.
  13. tenchijin2

    NAD... Almost

    I got a photo of the completed chassis from Randy.
  14. tenchijin2

    Chased by a bear!

    I'm surprised to see this video coming back around. it's about 5 years old was revealed as a fake, along with a few others of the same vintage.
  15. tenchijin2

    Gibson Reveals New 2021 Line-up

    Sweet! I love re-imagining! So right now I'm imagining what the line up will be. And soon I'll be re-imagining it. How many times will he say the word "re-imagine" between now and then?
  16. tenchijin2

    An apology

    Wow. I leave for a year and pop back in and THIS is what I find on a Friday evening. Ah, the good ol' days have returned! LOL I hope you're all doing well :)
  17. tenchijin2

    NAD... Almost

    So a few years back, based on input from guys on MLP, I bought a used Phaez amp from someone here. It was called "Gemini" and it was a custom build. **Side note: Randy has built a couple amps named "gemini" for customers, but they are different** The Gemini I bought had a JTM channel and a...
  18. tenchijin2

    F(_)CK F(_)CK F(_)CK F(_)CK F(_)CK

    The funny part of this is that he wanted all his "information" "deleted." Instead he just got banned, which means all his stuff is up here visible as it was before but he has no ability to contribute, refute, edit, or otherwise participate in the content he's already added. Ah, sweet success.
  19. tenchijin2

    What Is This Obsession With Sustain?

    It's... what... sustains us.
  20. tenchijin2

    Hotel California Brief Tutorial

    Somehow this basic tutorial is like #3 or 4 in the google search index for "hotel california guitar solo tutorial" and other similar searches. Almost 11,000 views. What a strange thing, I had no idea anyone would even watch it. LOL. It sat for almost 3 years with only a few hundred views and...

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