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  1. Wraptail

    Tyson Tone P90 Pickups Sounds & Demos thread

    Here's another 15% Off last day!! Code: Laborday15
  2. Wraptail

    Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos Endorsing Tyson Tone! Stoked to announce Cesar Rosas from Los Lobos is now a Tyson Tone Endorsing artist! Here's a pic of us chatting backstage last weekend.
  3. Wraptail

    Winder Wars!

    Hahah! Yes, that sponge is very sad. This is yet another machine ;) The one that needed a motor has become a parts machine for the time being.
  4. Wraptail

    Winder Wars!

    We've evolved out of all that, so can poke a lil fun at it now for sure : )
  5. Wraptail

    Winder Wars!

  6. Wraptail

    Aged P90s - Have a Look & Listen

    Charlie Starr from Blackberry Smoke with a Tyson Tone P90 in his 1956 Les Paul Junior.
  7. Wraptail

    Aged P90s - Have a Look & Listen

    Black covers available too.
  8. Wraptail

    Aged P90s - Have a Look & Listen

    Aged P90s now available at Tyson Tone. Please email me to order, not on website yet. -Bobby
  9. Wraptail

    Tele Pickups are happening at Tyson tone - Have a look!

    I've finally got a vintage coil winder dedicated to Tele pickups. Here's a freshy. They're not on my site yet, so if you're interested please shoot me an email. Thanks! -Bobby
  10. Wraptail

    Tyson Tone PAFs, Lazer Lloyd Allman Brothers Jam

    Llazer Lloyd with his new Tyson Tone equipped La Grange fiddle. This set is the Preachers. More info @
  11. Wraptail

    Tyson Tone P90 Pickups Sounds & Demos thread

    Charlie Starr with Blackberry Smoke. 57 Wraptail P90 in his 1956 Les Paul Junior
  12. Wraptail

    Describe What the Quintessential "PAF" Sound Is To You

    Thanks for the kind words Leslie! You've got a good set of ears... must be because they're mouse ears : ) Yours sound fantastic and hope to play a set some day. I find it amazing how we all hear differently, and "pay attention" to certain things that others may not; beyond what we like and...
  13. Wraptail

    Have a Listen!

  14. Wraptail

    Burny FLG 80 Pickup Suggestions

    Beautiful guitar. Love Burnys.
  15. Wraptail

    VOX amps and the Blues....

    Kid Ramos does alright through an AC 30 : ) Use what you like, enjoy what you have.

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