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    2 epiphone Les paul elites for sale -UK

    I've got two epiphone Les paul elites for sale I'm Glasgow in the uk and happy to post in the uk Not sure how to ad pics here One is a standard in a stunning flame top in honeyburst 2nd is a custom in black Happy to send pics via email or that Get in touch if your interested 750 each...
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    any videos of jb actually playing an epi live?

    Looking for a video of joe bonamassa actually playing an epiphone les paul live..
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    NGD - Joe Bonamassa Pelham Blue

    After trying out the new jb lp in pb..i decided it was the guitar for me..the mrs paid for half for me so all good..was 529 gbp in the a price match and a bit of haggling..took it home brand new boxed and set up for 450 i paid 225 n the mrs paid the win in...
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    decision help..

    Right guys..trusted les paul players..need your help..ive been offered a like new epi slash rosso corsa for 450 gbp..but ive found the new joe bonamassa blue les paul for 445..i can haggle with a few shops so prob closer to 400..which do i buy???? I love both..i want buying one now...
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    review of epiphone slash rosso corsa

    Hi since its been a month or two since these hit the shelves in the uk..has anyone got a detailed review of these after the initial buzz of buying it has wore off (unless thats not wore off yet ha)... Theres not many videos of these on youtube as of yet..
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    anyone able to identify this epi lp?

    Hi I just bought a lp on ebay and the finish on it looks superb..similar to an elitist in my opinion..i know the guitar ive just bought is a 2008 chinese model however ive never seen this finish on an epi other than an elitist.. Can anyone tell me a bit more about it?
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    how to save money on a new epiphone les paul..any model

    Hi all, Just thought id share with you all a technique i use to save money on all my guitars that i buy new in the uk I firstly decide on the guitar i want. .search google to see who is cheapest in the uk..most are very close Cheapest in europe is thomann in germany.. (cant find anyone...
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    slash les paul questions..other epi comparisons

    Right guys i dunno if this has been asked before..maybe some people who know a lot about guitar specs can explain.. Im thinking of buying the new slash rosso corsa (epi)..ive also seen a epi snakepit guitar for sale locally..and ive also seen a japan made tribute plus in black cherry. .is there...
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    which epi model to do a jimmy page replica?

    Im looking at picking up 2 guitars over the coming weeks and doing a jimmy page overhaul..the obv one would be a 3 pickup black wiring. .coil tapped..bigsby..but which three pick ups would be best? Heard loads about the seymour duncan whole lotta humbuckers for 2 humbucker guitars but...
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    My latest additions

    Heres a photo of all my latest additions in the last month A marshall zakk wylde mg15mszw stack An epiphone les paul classic custom antique ebony An epiphone peerless casino And an epiphone tony iommi signature sg Picked most of these up in the last month or two and it all came to 900...
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    HNGD again. .two in two days

    Came across a great deal on gumtree..a guy was selling a like new epiphone les paul classic custom in antique ebony Got this with a strap and strap locks and a gigbag for 250 gbp..needs new strings n that happy to get this and im rushing to write this to get back to playing it Photos...
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    HNGD to me..not a les paul but was too good to pass up

    I know this is an LP forum but had to let out my joy.. Couple of weeks ago i went through a typical 2nd hand website in the uk..found a guy selling a 1997 peerless epiphone casino in near mint condition with original epiphone fretwear etc and the guy was after 250 gbp for it...I obv...
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    anyone able to identify this j200?

    ive seen this guitar for sale and it looks old to me..when I zoom in the serial starts Y3..anyone any knowledge about this origins of this guitar or serial?
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    am I ok to pair this head and cab?

    Hi im buying my first head and cab this weekend.i use the guitar at home in a flat and sometimes through headphones. Ive been thinking of buying the orange micro terror as its a steal at 100 gbp..was looking for a cab and dont like the 8" orange one that comes with it. Been offered a marshall...
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    which pickups to get for classic rock sound

    Hi ive just bought a brand new epiphone les paul goldtop and im thinking of upgrading the pick ups..dont know much about wirings etc.. Whats pick ups would you recommend for a classic rock sound? Ive been told gibson classic 57s and 57+ or gibson burstbuckers?
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    safest payment option for my new LP

    Hi wondered if anyone could help..ive found a few amazing deals on a couple of gibson and epiphone guitars. They are on a 2nd hand website from private sellers in in the uk and im obv not going to collect them therefore ill need to pay for them without physically being there..what...
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    is this a good deal????

    ive been offered an Epiphone Tony Iommi SG with a hardcase, lead, strap, stand and a marshall MG50DFX for 330 GBP.. Ive only played a regular g400..anyone got or played the iommi version?
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    Help identifying a Gibson LP i was thinking of buying

    Hi all..i seen a guitar online which is for sale from a private seller living near me in the UK. Im a bit confused what model this is? Is it any good? How much are they worth 2nd hand? Here are a few photos and also the Gibson Custom Cert says LPR-0. Anyone like to explain what this means...
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    my collection so far...

    My collection so far.. A custom sg with three pickups A greenburst/trans green standard An 1989 sunburst A zakk wylde bullseye with ebony fretboard and active emgz A gibson classic custom in antique ebony A 2012 prophecy And a custom in ebony... Since this photo ive added... An...
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    how to create your own version of 56 or 59 vos

    Hi all..let me start of by saying im a newbie so go easy.. Decided id love to buy a 56 vos gt or a 59 vos lemonburst..the 56 is 3200 gbp and the 59 is 4500 gbp..quite pricey..has anyone ever tried to create their own by buying a specific model and using mods??? Are they close to the real deal...

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