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  1. tenchijin2

    NAD... Almost

    So a few years back, based on input from guys on MLP, I bought a used Phaez amp from someone here. It was called "Gemini" and it was a custom build. **Side note: Randy has built a couple amps named "gemini" for customers, but they are different** The Gemini I bought had a JTM channel and a...
  2. tenchijin2

    Mr. Roboto? Yep. That's me. I am the Modern man

    My Styx tribute band, Grand Illusion, finally got around to covering Mr. Roboto. It's actually a pretty cool song if you can separate it from the cheese and the bad vibes from the era. Anyway, it's the one song I sing lead on so naturally I want to share it! :) This was our debut performance of...
  3. tenchijin2

    Clips from our New Years Eve performance

    That was lot of fun! The band is called Funktown PDX.
  4. tenchijin2

    FS: Radial Tonebone Hot British

    $100 Paypalled and shipped. Excellent "Marshall in a box" pedal. Highly versatile and adjustable. Watch this demo: And from Radial's own description: It actually uses a 12ax7 tube in the circuit. I bought it last year to get a plexi type sound, but...
  5. tenchijin2

    NGD- 2018 Aquamarine ES-335

    Wow this thing is gorgeous! My wife saw the ad for this and said "Wow! Get that! Merry Christmas!" So I did. While it has arrived I'm keeping it in limited use until xmas so my kids can enjoy giving it to me as a gift. But I did get it out and take a few photos and play it a bit. Looks great...
  6. tenchijin2

    NAD- My First Marshall (Vintage Modern 2466)

    After some months of hemming and hawing and trying to navigate the dizzying array of Marshall options available I finally settled on a VM. I felt it had the best characteristics of the older Plexis while allowing a bit more modern (as in, 1978-->) bite and gain. I found this cosmetically...
  7. tenchijin2

    My Band Finally has a Video!

    It's been a year since I joined Funktown PDX and we finally got a video made. It was fun! First time I've ever hired a pro videographer. We also rented out a facility for doing this. The audio was pretracked at my home studio and mixed to try to retain some of the raw feel of a live show, and...
  8. tenchijin2

    London Power Kit: Power Scaling, Assembled

    I have the London Power SV2 and VCK kits assembled here. I have decided I don't want to hassle with installing them so I'm going to sell them. $130 for both kits. I'm not going to sell one without the other as they're not worth much alone.
  9. tenchijin2

    Time to Revamp the Pedalboard!

    I just joined a band last week after having been bandless for the past 6 months or so. I've mostly played and sung in cover bands and this is no exception, but the genre is a bit different. The band has a trumpeter and a saxophonist, so the material takes advantage of that with more pop/funk...
  10. tenchijin2

    Finally Joining a New Band

    Well, some of you remember a few months back that my old band Lucky Day decided to pack it in. Since then I've been bandless and not really sure what I wanted to do. But a couple weeks ago I was contacted by a trumpet player I'd worked with a couple times to do guitar/vocals in his band...
  11. tenchijin2

    NGTD- LP and Marshall

    Served as an opportunity to cover up an old tattoo I got 23 years ago. This one is much better :)
  12. tenchijin2

    NPSKD- London Power

    New Power Scaling Kit Day! :) How's that for obscure? I bought one of the London Power kits (actually two kits, more precisely) to put in my heavily modified AC30CC2. I hope to stuff the boards and have them prepped for install sometime this weekend. Once that's done I will carefully...
  13. tenchijin2

    FS: Vox AC30C2

    I have a perfect condition AC30C2 for sale. Cosmetically this thing has very few tolex scuffs and it functions 100%. This is the model with 2 x 12" Celestion Greenbacks. I have it as a spare and don't need it anymore. Local pick up preferred. $680
  14. tenchijin2

    A Couple Photos From Last Night's Gig

    EDIT: See post #28 for a video from the show. We played the Hawthorne Theater in Portland last night. This was my Styxperience band, a Styx tribute act. We split the bill with a Heart tribute and a Fleetwod Mac tribute (thus their banners). John, the guitar player on the left, plays an LP...
  15. tenchijin2

    NAD (Maybe) - '71 Fender Twin - advice?

    **Edit: I bought the amp!** I have a chance to buy the Twin for what seems to be a pretty good price. I know Silverface Twins are like the red-headed step-child of the vintage Fenders, but at $650 I figure even if I didn't keep it long term I could flip it easily. Seller says it's unmodded, no...
  16. tenchijin2

    NAD - '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb

    Just arrived this afternoon. I haven't had a chance to play through it yet but I will spend some time with it tonight. I gave it a good audition at the shop a couple times before buying. :)
  17. tenchijin2

    London Power Scaling Kits - Any Experience?

    A search here at the forum found one thread from a few years back. I'm curious if anyone has installed one of these kits recently and could share experience. My thought is to buy the kit(s), assemble them myself (I'm reasonably handy with a soldering iron, even on small parts) and then have a...
  18. tenchijin2

    FS- Radial Tonebone Hot British

    Excellent "Marshall in a box" pedal, with really adjustable sound. 100% functional, with 15v power supply. Just a few cosmetic blemishes. $110 shipped in US.
  19. tenchijin2

    FS: Burns Tri-Sonics Pickups from Brian May Signature Guitar

    I have a set of Burns Trisonics from my Brian May Guitars Red Special signature model. I recently did a conversion which involved swapping pickups. $110 Shipped in the US
  20. tenchijin2

    FS: Phaez Gemini (I might regret this...)

    OK, up for sale is my Phaez Gemini unless I lose my nerve and change my mind! I'm just leaning more toward combos these days and have different needs. The Gemini is a custom build that I bought 3rd hand. This one is a 2 channel point-to-point 18 watt amp, powered by EL84 tubes. Channel...

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