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  1. LPBR

    Need help with song lyrics

    Hey all! I need the lyrics of three songs I am willing to record covers. I searched for them online but couldn't find and my untrained ears aren't good enough to catch it. Would someone help me with it? I really would appreciate it! Thanks! :yesway: Here it is the links for two of...
  2. LPBR

    Anvil pickups?

    So, I clicked on the MLP banner for Rockaudio because I was curious about the Anvil pickups. They are cheap. Since I am a cheap guy it catch my attention. Now the question is: they are minimally decent?
  3. LPBR

    In a perfect world... maybe?

    Today I met a friend in a car service (replace batery) and he was hiring a worker to dig some holes in his yard and I heard when the guy told that his work day is $15. This is the regular cost of a such worker but then I stopped to think about for a while and see that I earn the same amount...
  4. LPBR

    Hunting bears

    There was this guy that came to the woods for hunting bears. At certain point he saw a big black bear. Then he aimed to it and shoot. Unfortunately he missed the shot. Then the bear ran till him and said (yeah the bear could speak): -- What? Did you come to MY wood and tried to shoot me? I will...
  5. LPBR

    Sleeping Satellite - isn't this tune great?

    Tasmin Archer - Sleeping Satellite (Official Music Video) - YouTube Also Tasmin Archer voice is a perfect match with the song. :)
  6. LPBR

    She or her threads

    It's just me or there is anybody else done about such threads?
  7. LPBR

    Totally sick about vampires

    Years ago I used to like any horror movies, including vampires ones. Lately seems that it was too banalized with an excessive amount of movies and TV series about the theme. Although a teen stuff, I confess that I watched all the Edward/Becca 'saga' and it was kind of OK to watch once. Also I...
  8. LPBR

    The Book Thief -- a must watch movie

    We watched this movie yesterday. Fantastic. This is the history of a jew girl adopted by a german couple one year before the WW2 and show how she crossed all the years until the american ocupation in 1945 immersed in the reading of books that she 'borrowed' from the only intact library in...
  9. LPBR

    Curious about Google head quarters...

    Yesterday we watched a movie called 'The Internship' about two middle-aged guys that are catched by a sudden unemployment and decide to try the lucky in a Google internship program. The movie is interesting and what really catched my attention was the fact that they show the Google head...
  10. LPBR

    Two cool movies

    Past weekend I watched two cool movies with my wife. First one is a sci-fi in the good old 'B-style' movie of 80s, specially the sound track with dark synthesizer tunes. The movie title is 'The Machine' and although it is modern production (2012 or so) it captures that atmosphere from similar...
  11. LPBR

    For whose suffers of stomach ache / burn

    Some of you may know that I had my gall gladder removed a couple weeks ago. While it could kill me over time if I didn't have made the surgery, I didn't feel any difference so far (yeah, I didn't have pain even in the crisis). However one week before my surgery I have been submitted to an...
  12. LPBR

    Now this is too much better than the World Cup

    This weeked there was a mini cup of female lingerie football in Netherlands. The article is in portugues but the slideshow is what really interests. Enjoy! Copa do Mundo de Lingerie reúne musas e futebol na Holanda - Terra Brasil :thumb:
  13. LPBR

    Brasil World Cup

    Yesterday someone has suggested me to start a thread talking some about this subject. I think that being a brazilian myself it is pretty fair. I am not a soccer fan although it is the official sport in my country and therefore I am not willing to watch no one play and also I am not involved...
  14. LPBR

    I'm a Transsex

    Following the latest threads "I'm a man" and "I'm a ram", let's see what Boy George has to talk about his experience... :laugh2: Culture Club - Karma Chameleon - YouTube And here a before and an after. Geez, seems that the time wasn't gentle with this dude. :shock:
  15. LPBR

    Another bad experience: Ender's game

    I don't know what's happening with all those actors that used to select more carefully their jobs. And I don't think that's about money. The other day we tried to watch Ender's Game and it was a big disappointment. Harrison Ford is performing an horrible coadjuvant act in a boring movie that...
  16. LPBR

    I Frankenstein -- puke!

    We watched this movie yesterday. If you didn't yet just don't even waste your time. Regardless a decent cast, very good special FX and a potentially excellent story the film is definitively crap. Just amazing how they can turn a fantastic theme into nothing more than boring big balls of fire...
  17. LPBR

    Giorgio Moroder in the 70s - Oh my!!!

    In the latest days I have travelled back in time to the 70s decade that`s when I raised. But I am not talking about rock. I am talking about dance. And not about ANY dance, but a small movement called `space disco` that was very well represented by a guy ahead of his time called Giorgio Moroder...
  18. LPBR

    More RAM or more HD?

    Hey guys! Currently I have an i5 system with 4 GB Ram and a SATA HD with 320GB (plus a 500GB USB one). My internal HD is splitted in three partitions (105 GB each): C: -> Linux Ubuntu D: -> Work files E: -> Windows XP The overall performance is pretty decent, but I am running into a slight...
  19. LPBR

    eBay online spectacles store? Anyone?

    So, someone has tried those Chinese online glasses stores? I am sick about local optical stores. Here in my town they are expensive and crap. The last spectacles I ordered for use when working on the computer (medium distance) has broken in its right hinge after a month or so of use. I...

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