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  1. Rodolphe

    65 humming bird and 73 SJ Deluxe

    my 73 Sj deluxe with my friend's 65 Hummingbird.....
  2. Rodolphe

    Who said modern gibson won't check

    here are pics of my 2011 trad Pro 50 honeyburst les paul: now, it's clear they do... ;-)
  3. Rodolphe

    Info needed on this old SG

    Hello, a friend of mine recently bought this SG 2nd hand (or 3rd, or more.. who knows??). the guy who sold it said it was a 71, but my friend would like to have more information about it (year, pick ups, model, serie, if it's an original, and so on). so if you have information to give...
  4. Rodolphe

    Custo shop 67 V

    I will soon turn 40,:shock::shock: so i decided i needed to buy myself a new guitar:):naughty: here it is! a 2007 custom shop 67 V with vibrola, natural. even if it's 8 years old, it looks brand new. it guess it has hardly seen a gig or even a rehearsal... plays like butter, very...
  5. Rodolphe

    Speaker for a bandmaster67

    Hello, i have bought 6 months ago a vintage Bandmaster head. works great, but i'm still looking for the right speaker. I don't want a 2X12 as it's too heavy and big for what I want. i just want to use it with an open back 1X12 (i prefer open back cabs). i now use it with a celestion A type...
  6. Rodolphe

    For ZZ top Fans

    A cover of Brown sugar by a french cover band. Great guitar player : Brice Delage enjoy:thumb:
  7. Rodolphe

    Help on normal channel 18W tone stack

    Hello, i have built a 1974X clone by TAD. it has the classic normal/tremolo design (only difference is that the tremolo acts on both channel has it cuts the signal (when active) just before the power tubes. I love it but I find the normal channel to be a bit too dark, especially with my les...
  8. Rodolphe

    18w clone too loud

    hi there, i finished building a 18w marshall clone this week end. i currently play at home as i don't have any band now. my problem, as you may have guessed, is that this beautifull amp does sound quite loud when i crank it. i'd like to do something to be able to use it cranked at home...
  9. Rodolphe

    OT swap on a class 5 combo MKII

    Hi, i'd like to upgrade my Class 5 by adding a new OT to it: 40-18031 In fact, I use it with a 1x12 loaded with a greenback, but I would like to use it in parallel with the inside speaker that I upgraded with a Weber silver 10. I like both speakers and i would like to use them together...
  10. Rodolphe

    Lenny Kravitz playing a R7 at GC NYC

    lots of blabla, but worth watching I think: Lenny Kravitz At Guitar Center - YouTube
  11. Rodolphe

    Just finished refinishing my strat

    Originally, it was a classic player 60 sonic blue from 2008. I changed a few things (pickups, switching (added a gilmour switch), tone schematics, and so on....) but I did not quite like the sonic blue it was finished in, too pale, to lame, not blue enough... so I got rid of the poly with a...
  12. Rodolphe

    Mgnet swap in Tonerider AC4

    hi there, i recently bought an Ibanez AS73 cause i couldn't afford an ES 335 and wanted a semi hollow. stock it was ok but the pickups had to go and the electronic was funky. I went with 50s wiring, PIO caps and placed a pair of tonerider AC4. sound was good, but a bit dull with huge mids...
  13. Rodolphe

    silly question

    Hello, I have changed the nut of my les paul for a Tusq one. it's in place, the guitar sounds fine, but, i'm sure the slots are too high. I have sanded the nut for it to be at the same height as previous one, but it feels and look higher... so what's the best height for a les paul nut (mine...
  14. Rodolphe

    Magnet swap for more clarity and "Twang".

    Hello, I have recently bought an Ibanez AS73 which is merely a 335/Dot copy, not very expensive but nicely made (better than a chinese epi IMO). I swaped the PUs for tonerider AC4 (paf copies with A4 magnets). It sounds good but too bassy/meddle for me on the neck pick up. especially when...
  15. Rodolphe

    Trad Pro 50s honey burst CLUB

    Hi there, here are pics of my beloved Trad Pro 50s honey burst from 2011. it has been quite improved with REWIND low wound pick ups, historic/mojoaxe plastics, grover nickel tuners, historic nickel hardware and faber bridge/TP & studs, Russian PIO caps, CTS pots, 50s wiring and so on...
  16. Rodolphe


    Hello, Received today a Les lius clone that I ordered from MADFERRET custom audio (UK). did not have the time to really test it , but here are some pics showing the custom finish:thumb:: and the inside: I'll do a review later on, when I will have tested it fully.
  17. Rodolphe

    The Temples

    The last Band I became found of. great psyche british pop music: hope you'll enjoy (the beginning is in french, and then there's a concert): Album de la semaine du 15/03 - Temples - CANALPLUS.FR
  18. Rodolphe

    Any opinion on vintage JBL L15?

    Hi, i've been offered a pair of vintage JBL L15 from 1982 to use instead of my current KEF IQ30 for home/lounge hifi system. I know they are supposed to be nice for studio monitoring, but i'm still wondering if they'll be loud enough for 15meter square lounge coupled with my cambridge audio...
  19. Rodolphe

    Tele baja sounds

    Hello, I fel in love with the tele because of Jonathan wilson I really love his tone, so i bought a baja tele second hand, thinking that would be the best choice for a vintage kind of tele at a good price. the problem is that with my DRRI moded, it is...
  20. Rodolphe

    Any GVCG owner here?

    HAs anyone a strat or tele replica made by Greenwich village custom guitars (Jonathan Wilson)? I realy like this guy and only learned recently he also built fender replicas for many well known players and common people too.

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