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    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    R9: Early 60's Patent No (bridge) and late PAF (neck). Epiphone Riviera: Patent No mini HB (bridge) and PAF sticker mini HB (neck). Over the years I've tried lots of pickups, boutique as well as bulk gibson's, Duncan's, Dimarzio's, etc. For some reason, I always end up putting the old one's...
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    Fender Dual Showman - grid resistors

    Thanks el84ster, I think you are spot on.
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    Fender Dual Showman - grid resistors

    Thanks for your efforts and for pointing out a direction...
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    Fender Dual Showman - grid resistors

    Ok, let me put it like this... Q: What are the pros (if any) and cons of using 82 Ω screen resistors instead of 470 Ω screen resistors? Background: one tech said go for it, another tech said going below 470 Ω is a no-no. Rationale: I don't want to take unnecessary risks with my amp. BTW, if...
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    Fender Dual Showman - grid resistors

    Thanks, I asked the tech, but didn't understand him fully. Then another one warned me to go below 470 ohm (std AB763 value). Hence my question...
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    Fender Dual Showman - grid resistors

    While restoring/modding my Dual Showman, a tech recommended me to try out 82 ohm screen grids resistors instead of the 470 ohms. I've tried to figure out the pros et cons, but I don't get it (right). Anyone who knows? Thanks in advance.
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    Need help identifying an alleged T-top pickup

    May I ask why you wonder what it's worth?
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    Early 60s 12" Rola alnico speakers

    That's the plan... :)
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    NAD! Custom hand wired.

    Nice cab!
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    Early 60s 12" Rola alnico speakers

    Thanks, I was thinking of pairing them with my 1966 Deluxe Reverb Amp.
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    Early 60s 12" Rola alnico speakers

    I'm looking at a pair of early 60s 12" Rola alnico speakers. Anyone tried these, what should I expect soundwise? Your input is most welcome.
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    Frequensator split tailpiece for vintage Epiphone Riviera

    I want to buy a frequensator split tailpiece for a 1960s Epiphone Riviera... :cheers:
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    Neck pickup stronger than Bridge...should I swap them?

    If you like what you have, let it be. You can always change it for fun, but don't expect too much...
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    Sheptone Tribute 2 (Alnico 2)

    Thanks, I think I will give the GA-SC64 a try in my -66 DL Reverb
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    Is a Pickup upgrade worth it?

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    Sheptone Tribute 2 (Alnico 2)

    Great sound, thanks. Can you tell us someting about the setting (amp controls) and you thoughts on the Eminence GA- SC64 speaker?
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    Is a Pickup upgrade worth it?

    Nothing dramatically wrong with 57 and BB. What amp and speakers do you play?
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    The #1 Discovery To Advance Your Playing Skills

    To be honest, trying to copy Peter Green and Danny Kirwan brought me forward and still helps me improve my playing. I learned a lot about feeling and emotion from both of them, and that helped me develop my own playing. Sadly enough PG's FM existed for only a short time, and some of the most...
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    Your influences as a player

    Ever heard of Peter Green...?
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    Sheptone Tribute (Alnico 4)

    Never tried Sheptones, but I like what I hear

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