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  1. Ripgut

    The Only Parts That Are Stock On My Les Paul Are...

    The only parts that are stock on my Les Paul are the Grover tuners, the AVR-II bridge/posts, the switch nut, the thumb bleeders, and the nut. LMAO, everything else has literally been replaced.
  2. Ripgut

    TonePros AVR-II Bridge Confusion on the Original Collection Standards

    My understanding is that the Original Collection '50s and '60s Standards come with either TonePros AVR-II bridges or Gibson ABR-1 bridges. Mine came with the TonePros one. Naturally, (because I'm a nut and I wanna know everything about everything that's on my guitar and I like to geek out on...
  3. Ripgut

    Neck Pickup Epiphany

    So I've had my neck pickup height at 6/64 on both the top and bottom strings fretted on the last fret. It sounded muddy, bassy, and boomy (I'm a lazy s.o.b.) so I finally decided to experiment because I've read of ppl slamming/decking their neck pickups with good results. Oh boy we're they...
  4. Ripgut

    AmazonBasics A-Frame Stand

    Anyone have experience with this particular stand? I ordered a few and was wondering if I need to worry about the foam or rubber parts that touch the guitar discoloring my LP.
  5. Ripgut

    Who Modified Their LPs With Grovers In The 70s?

    I take this class on Saturdays for substance abuse counseling certification and I'm doing a little presentation/assignment on Les Pauls and I need some help. Who else besides Jimmy Page modified their Les Pauls with Grovers in the 70s? Joe Walsh perhaps? I can't really find anything on the...
  6. Ripgut

    NGD 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s Unburst

    Hey everybody, longtime lurker here, finally got enough money to buy me a nice fiddle! Thought I would make my first post a NGD post. The wealth of information here on the forums is INCREDIBLE and I appreciate ALL the input I have received through the zillions of posts I've read over the years...

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