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  1. lǎo​wài

    My brain hurts

    That's worse than having "The Hustle" or the theme for "I Dream of Jeaanni" stuck in your head Of course, Hugo Montenegro did create some more memorable work..
  2. lǎo​wài

    Why? Stop remaking movies just to gender swap the roles

    In a world of one step forward, two steps back, same same is good news!
  3. lǎo​wài

    Why? Stop remaking movies just to gender swap the roles

    What's up M&M? :cool:
  4. lǎo​wài

    Steven Segal

    He's a Russian citizen.
  5. lǎo​wài

    I hate name tags...

    I would have liked this, but instead I'll quote it and say I like this. :thumb:
  6. lǎo​wài

    I hate name tags...

    I suspect Jake just like staring at boobs. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  7. lǎo​wài

    I hate name tags...

    Point to the glass and say "Una birra?" Just get her attention and point to the empty glass. Say "One more, please?" in the language of your choice. People aren't retarded. Hope this helps. ~from a guy living in a non-English speaking country.
  8. lǎo​wài

    Why? Stop remaking movies just to gender swap the roles

    Speaks volumes about the status quo. It's all so clear now. B- But the new Ghostbusters was totally awesome.
  9. lǎo​wài

    Have your MLP Habits Changed Since the Demise of the "Like" Button?

    This forum needs not only a return of the like button, but the addition of a love button as well.
  10. lǎo​wài

    I'm not afraid

    But there are a lot of inquisitive idiots.
  11. lǎo​wài

    Terror In MY Town?

    This incident is a case of workplace violence committed by a mentally ill man.
  12. lǎo​wài

    computer question for the savvy..

    Are you using Latex?
  13. lǎo​wài

    Treasure That Which You Have

    Still kicking. Fresh out of re-education "camp" Didn't take.
  14. lǎo​wài

    Low self esteem?

    Never visited the self esteem store. I do my shopping at the Jerk Store. Unfortunately last time I visited, they were all out of me.
  15. lǎo​wài

    Who is the BIGGEST wisecracker on MLP?

    ++ triggered Not wise at all, I am.
  16. lǎo​wài

    Don't go taking a selfie with Parker Cannon of Story So Far on Stage

    Selfie taking narcissist aside... People stage dive to that music?!? Oh my.
  17. lǎo​wài

    Generation AXE Show

    Click bait thread title. I has a disappoint. No AXE content at all.
  18. lǎo​wài

    When you hope it isn't real
  19. lǎo​wài

    Martin Six String Customs (MSSC) Permanently Closed

    Damn. What can I say. My best thoughts. Illness can be devastating. Keep fighting. We want you here.
  20. lǎo​wài

    Name Your Favorite Tone Myths

    Tone knobs made from tone wood. It's a myth until you try it. I know a guy who had a friend who...

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