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  1. Azmedian

    Your favorite love songs

    Slayer Dead Skin Mask
  2. Azmedian

    Floridian Jeopardy

    band name: Swan Kickers
  3. Azmedian

    How loud are you guys running your amps?

    Right now Im running a Fender Super Champ X2 into a Dean Markley 320 watt 4x12 Vol 4 Gain 4 78 Custom Badass Gain 1 oclock Tone 3 oc + Crunch button
  4. Azmedian

    New duo name needed ….
  5. Azmedian

    New duo name needed ….

    You know the 2 im talking about
  6. Azmedian

    New duo name needed ….

    Those Other 2
  7. Azmedian

    Help GregV find his stolen Les Paul.

    Les Paul Custom Serial# 491492 Factory 2nd lets help this guy get it back. He's willing to pay for it, help him out
  8. Azmedian

    Happy 1st LesPaul Day!!

    great knobs
  9. Azmedian

    How many Guitars (total) are in your collection, right now?

    2021 Les Paul Standaard 2017 Les Paul Classic T 1998 LesPaul Studio 1990 Les Paul Studio 2013 Fender American Special Stratocaster 2012 Fender American Standard Stratocaster
  10. Azmedian

    My Les Paul from a Fender point of view.

    All Paul’s no strats great line
  11. Azmedian

    Do you think these defects are too much?

    I would return it & unless you want to keep it 25% off refund
  12. Azmedian

    Wanted : Set of Gibson Demo Shop Red Pickup rings

    If you want to swap out your RED Gibson Demo shop rings I will buy them PM me with cell # I will call/text you to purchase
  13. Azmedian

    92 LA Pro Eggle refinish?..yes no?..

    sunburst it
  14. Azmedian

    Getting rid of cigarette smell and fretboard grime - ozone generators

    I definite agree keep it out of case if case smells fabreeze it keep it open keep guitar out of case if you have a smaller/unused room with window open or cracked for a few days weeks months
  15. Azmedian

    NGD - 2017 Gibson LP Traditional in Tobacco

    my ’21 60’s traditional 9.35 lbs
  16. Azmedian

    New Gibson coming pre-scratched?

    Was it bought off demo shop? what warehouse and pics
  17. Azmedian

    Looking for a good, small at home practice tube amp

    I run a super champ x2 into a dean markley 320 watt 4x12
  18. Azmedian

    Getting rid of cigarette smell and fretboard grime - ozone generators

    I used fabreez on a Marshall 1960 a cab
  19. Azmedian

    Knobs keep falling off

    Found myself taking own advice You can barely see the white, I suppose you could try hitting it with a sharpie either teflon or if it doesnt hold, inside of the knob I got a great Deal on these knobs on R I bought them as is used they were stripped out, as the yellow knobs I removed...

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