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    Bias Wrong?

    No. I put in new pre amps, still didn’t dig the sound, put it new 6ca7s and biased it up to 38. But I checked the el34s bias before I swapped them and they were at 20
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    Bias Wrong?

    So a year or so ago, I had my tubes swapped in my 2203. It came back sounding better than it had going in, but still not great. Well the other day I decided it was sounding too weak, and thought maybe I’d just swap the preamps, and try 6ca7s in the power amp. I set up my bias probe on the old...
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    Amp Building

    Seems like I need to get the Dave Hunter book. Basically I want to be able to buy a Ceriatone kit and go for it. Thanks guys!
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    Bias Rite

    looking to get a bias rite for simplicity sake. Who do you recommend? I’m leaning towards Weber or the Eurotubes one. Thoughts?
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    Amp Building

    i want to build an amp. I’ve built pedals and modded pedals and I have enough electrical knowledge to rewire cars and houses. That being said, I only know caps can hold enough charge to kill you, but I do know how to drain them safely :) I wanted to look for some books to get me into the more...
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    Where do y’all get boxes for shipping guitars? I’ve got a Firebird V to ship, and it’s in a case, but looking for a box. Any suggestions?
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    Firebird Owners Thread!

    2000, it was my first Gibson, and has a special place in my heart, even if I don't play it as much as I should.
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    Cab Simulators?

    I run logic, and I am running a head through a Rivera rockcrusher and out from that into my interface. I've read online that it needs a cab sim to sound more realistic. Any recs on free or cheap ones that are worth it?
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    Best classic rock pedal? (boutique)

    everyone has their own opinion, as everyone has their own tone. I recommend you take what we suggest and get out and try the recommendations to see what works for you. My recommendations Wampler Paisley Drive- you think its country, but its not. I use it in front of my 2203 and 2555 with my...
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    what do you like about it?

    I pay more for local. When I need them I need them. They might not have what I want, but I am more willing to wait because I know Im supporting people in my local town, and in turn they give it back to me in the service. That is what justifies sometimes higher cost and wait times. Also you can't...
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    Interesting "picking" device

    I feel like this is a product of the 'guitar hero' video game craze. I get that those sounds are different than if you used a pick or fingers, but I think I would feel like I do right now as a hit the keys on my keyboard, but instead of letters on a forum, they'd be musical notes. Call this...
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    four force

    My problems is I can hear his pick hitting the strings louder than the amp itself.
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    Tone Chasing Confessional

    I drove 6 hours one way and then 8 back (traffic) to buy a 2555 Silver Jubilee. For my apartment. To sit next to my 2203. Both on their own cab (original Jube cab came about 4 months later). I think I have a problem, but they sound so good in stereo.
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    Les Paul for Metal

    I use a custom with stock pups a 2203 and a ep boost. Is it metal core? No. But it's heavy. If you can do it, you can do it.
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    Sourcing Parts?

    So far Mouser has been good, though their search function is a bit more difficult than others. Found a place called So far theyve been the easiest to navigate and they have it all. Any experience?
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    Sourcing Parts?

    Who do you source from? I am looking to mod a pedal and amp, but I'm having a tough time getting all my parts at one source. I dont want to pay $5 shipping for a $.15 part because one store didnt carry it but had the rest. Ive tried a local electronics store, Tubedepot, Amplified Parts, and...
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    NGD x 2, Custom and Standard content

    I wish I had a suggestion, all of my guitars remain un named (I know its blasphemy) because I cant settle on a name. Its tough.
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    NGD x 2, Custom and Standard content

    What do you call the blue one then?
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    Strap locks

    Dunlop plastic things. They don't require drilling and hold on like snapping turtle.
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    Jcm 800

    With an 800? My 2203 stands solidly on its iron when I flip it, tubes in.

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