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  1. zeplin

    Arm Barn
  2. zeplin

    Pick ‘trick’ (it helped me)

    I like Dunlop Cat Tongues
  3. zeplin

    Raiders Coach Jon Gruden Resigns Over Racist, Homophobic, Misogynistic Emails

    I think he was working for ESPN at the time. And some of the emails were as recent as 2018.
  4. zeplin

    the worst set list/show in history?

    Ring of Fire in B# is interesting.
  5. zeplin

    Back when life was like Russian roulette

    We had one of those sprayers in the house too. I forgot to mention it in my previous post. I should be dead or seriously messed up.
  6. zeplin

    Back when life was like Russian roulette

    When I was a kid my oldest sister and her husband had a mid-sixties volkswagen beetle. I remember my BIL was driving with my sister holding their baby on her lap, my mom and myself occupying the back seats and my little niece and nephew in the cargo hole behind the back seat and all three adults...
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    Gibson USA Flametop Friday!

    2004 standard iced
  8. zeplin

    Who also plays bass?

    I have an Epiphone EB-0 that I noodle around with sometimes. Only problem is finding short scale strings locally. Lots of fun to play.
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    " Show me What you Have "

    2004 Standard, iced tea The rest:
  11. zeplin

    Terry Kath.... holy sheet!!

    Yeah the fourth was a live double album.
  12. zeplin

    Terry Kath.... holy sheet!!

    I believe the first four were double albums.
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    We’d better hang on to our memories tight

    Growing up I was a huge fan of Looney Toons. In the early 2000s when my son was 4 or 5 I bought several box sets of said cartoons to share with him. He thoroughly enjoyed them. Some of the “violent” scenes already had been sanitized compared to my recollection. They also opened with a...
  14. zeplin

    I'm bored - collection pic

    Nice collections here. I am bored at work today so here's my small family:
  15. zeplin

    What do you guys think

    Serial number, shallow pickup rings and Nashville bridge indicate Gibson USA, not reissue but a very nice guitar.
  16. zeplin

    New Les Paul. Possible fake pickups? Tampered? Debating returning.

    The pickup would also have to be removed and reinstalled to the ring or it would be backwards as well. Edit: I see someone beat me to it. Z.
  17. zeplin

    Supro Dual Tone

    The first guitar I ever touched was a 1961 Supro Dual Tone that belonged to my brother. When I was about 13 he gave it to me but I never got to learn how to play. When I moved away from home in 1981 I gave it to my nephew and that was the last I had seen of it but it will always be my first. A...
  18. zeplin

    Show Your Telecasters!!!

    My only Telecaster: 2004 MiM. Added a black pickguard, black control cover and vintage style three barrel bridge to make it my own. Love the 21 fret maple neck.

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