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  1. J-Dizzle

    Status of Proxy services right now?

    I've never declared a guitar shipment to be a gift. I can't provide any advice on that unfortunately.
  2. J-Dizzle

    Bonamassa Black Beauty in action

    Cheap Trick!
  3. J-Dizzle

    NGD Burny FLG-60 75 or 76?

    Nice guitar! My 1980 Greco EGC600 has a 4 piece back. Honestly the MIJs were just mimicking what Gibson was already doing in the 70s.
  4. J-Dizzle

    MXR micro amp

    I'm considering getting one as a clean boost for solos. Musical style in this particular band is 70s style hard rock with medium gain. Anyone use one and what's your opinion? Cheers
  5. J-Dizzle

    Status of Proxy services right now?

    In the end it all went fine. No GST as the purchase was under $1k. Shipping was via DHL which wasn't as fast as EMS usually is but it was still OK. I've always found Jauce to be fine. I've bought about 20 guitars from them over the past 10 years and they've always been well packed, and shipped...
  6. J-Dizzle

    To wrap over the tailpiece bar, or not...

    Google "top wrap les paul" and spend some time reading the literally thousands of articles and online discussions devoted to this subject.
  7. J-Dizzle

    Tokai 57 PAF pickups

    Not sure what pups are in the ES100s. All Tokai 57 PAFs definitely came with the decal as far as i know.
  8. J-Dizzle

    Tokai 57 PAF pickups

    I pulled these from my 1983 LS 80 a while back. Zebras with the decal on the baseplate. The attached pic isn't mine but mine are exactly the same. Mine read 8.21 and 8.15 resistance on the multimeter. I had a love/hate relationship with the 57 PAFs. In the end I replaced them with some...
  9. J-Dizzle

    What’s a fair selling price for a 2008 R9 in 2021?

    It does seem like an odd trade.
  10. J-Dizzle

    Burny LG-75 GR

    These guitars originally came with good hardware so there's no need to replace anything unless it's actually worn out, or if swapping pickups as a matter of taste. Bear in mind also if you refinish this you'll likely lose the veneer as it is too thin to survive the stripping and sanding...
  11. J-Dizzle

    Burny RSG-140JP What can you tell me about them?

    Nice! Post a NGD when it arrives, will be keen to see more pics
  12. J-Dizzle

    Burny LG-75 GR

    Nice! I have one too. My main gigging guitar for the past 8 to 10 years. This would be from 1991 not 2001. The LG-75 GR was released in the Use Your Illusion era. Mine's also a Fuji from '91.
  13. J-Dizzle

    Burny RSG-140JP What can you tell me about them?

    Not that exact model but I have an earlier version of the JP Burny double neck from the late 70s. Great guitar. What can I say. Plays great. Sounds great. Another great MIJ guitar. You're basically getting the pagey doubleneck experience without taking out a 2nd mortgage.
  14. J-Dizzle

    Anybody make wider than normal pickup rings?

    Metric rings are only very slightly wider than Imperial, they are about 84mm. Wouldn't a 95mm wide pickup ring be too wide to mount a pickup anyway? I wonder if you might be better off filling the sides of the pickup holes with wood shims and color matching with the top. Then you can just use...
  15. J-Dizzle

    Need advice for an overdrive pedal.

    Boss Metal Zone ......just kidding
  16. J-Dizzle

    Telepaul anybody? Paulecaster perhaps? Welp, here she is…

    This will be fun to follow. Go for it!
  17. J-Dizzle

    weight relieving an old guitar

    How did you go? I'm really interested to find out. After all these years it would be interesting to see if it worked!
  18. J-Dizzle

    Pending NGD - Arrived Momose

    Nice! Everyone needs a Bacchus in their collection.
  19. J-Dizzle

    Vaschenco Guitars

    Lots of info in the Other Single Cuts section. Have a look. A few people on the forum have ordered from him. Really nice guitars.
  20. J-Dizzle

    Single Cuts with maple necks made today?

    I think the Chinese Tokais use maple necks?

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