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  1. HCRoadie

    Headstock Fix

    First of all, thank you to all the guys and gals on this forum that have helped me, and others, with repairs on our guitar buddies. I was able to get this Greco for about 1/3 of the usual price because of the damage to it. The tips and tricks I have learned here gave me the confidance and skills...
  2. HCRoadie

    Help with Serial Number

    Hi. I have tried to get a definitive answer with all google-ing and such. is this a 2000 Epi or a 1990 Epi? Thanks y'all. Incase you can't read it 006163
  3. HCRoadie

    Help with a Greco Please

    First of all, thanks to y'all for the edification on these Japanese gems. I have learned a lot. Like, there are a bunch of anomalies with these guitars. I have been looking at this one on the Reverb, Seller says it is an early '90's but doesn't know if it is Japanese of Korean made. Outside of...
  4. HCRoadie

    NGD 2005 Standard Faded, with some ?

    I was very excited to get get this one. I have been looking for some time for a unique specimen of the Faded variety. I also would like to thank all the collective knowledge here at MLP for helping me gain the insight to make a good and solid purchase. However, I have some questions... First of...
  5. HCRoadie

    2005 Faded...impulse

    Hey there. I just made a mild impulse purchase of a Faded Les Paul. I have been reading up on these for a good while, so I feel confident. My offer, which was a good chunk lower than posted price was accepted. Please justify my purchase....I know I'm asking the wrong, I mean right, crowd to...
  6. HCRoadie

    4 Channel High Gain Head

    I am looking at getting a new amp. My needs, outside of sounding good and work properly, are that it have four channels (clean, a bit of dirt, heavy rock, and metal). I am looking at the Marshall JVM 410, Egnater Tourmaster, and Blackstar's Series One 1046L6. I have played through all three and...
  7. HCRoadie

    Carvin V3m control

    It was either here or the amp forum to post this....sorry. I have a Carvin V3m amp and a t.c. electronic Nova system effects unit. I would like to have amp channels change as I change patches on the Nova. The V3m IS NOT midi compatible. The only solution I have found was getting a VooDoo Labs...
  8. HCRoadie

    Would you bite?

    This is an add I put up a while ago. Am I doing something wrong? No bites in over 4 months If I did not already own tis guitar, I would buy it:fingersx:
  9. HCRoadie

    dulling the finish

    CAUTION!!!! There are some images that may cause some viewers undue stress and feelings of anxiety. So I got an Epiphone Prophecy for a great deal, and I wanted to try knocking down the finish a bit. The ultra high gloss looks great, but I thought a mate/muted finish would be cool. A few things...
  10. HCRoadie


    I got a couple of new Epi's this summer. For my birthday I got myself a Florentine. The faded black was hard to find, but Craig's List came through. Of course my wife, much to my surprise, got me a Schecter Hellraiser for my birthday. She new I was in the market for the Florentine, and...
  11. HCRoadie

    Help me find one of these

    I have been searching all over for one of these Epiphone Florentines. In this specific color. Anyone know of one for sale? Thanks
  12. HCRoadie

    Another Iommi NGD!

    Well I didn't want to feel left out. I have been eyeing these for a few weeks. And only after getting mine did I even bother to look on here for any others. Pics I got this two days ago, And I must say that I love it. The tone is thick. The neck pickup sounds as if the tone knob is down to...
  13. HCRoadie

    Yet another honest fake

    At least they are upfront about it SLASH TRIBUTE LES PAUL
  14. HCRoadie

    Strat switch issue

    Working on an off brand strat style guitar. The switch needed replacing. I did not realize until I tried to install new switch that the spread on the mounting holes on the switch, and subsequently the pick guard, are narrower than what I believe to be the standard 40mm. Would love to get a...
  15. HCRoadie

    I hate beans!

    Kidney Beans that is. These are the Hipshot/Grover buttons. They fit PRS SE tuners as well. Tuning is more accurate, tone is is fatter and crisper, and it helps me play faster.:naughty:
  16. HCRoadie

    Need help ID-ing Strat

    I know that this is a Les Paul site, but I don't want to join the Strat forum. They seem weird. And I KNOW that there are some strat savvy dudes/dudets here. This guitar was gifted to me. A buddy, who is fat with guitars, said, "I don't play this one enough. It needs to be played. If I give it...
  17. HCRoadie

    H.R. Giger Destroyer

    I got this for what I believe is an awesome price. I Had been a fan of Giger's work for a long time. I would see these VERY rarely online. This one showed up at my local SamAsh. I emailed Ibanez about it. I got a quick reply, but not much info. There seems to be all kinds of "guesses" as to...
  18. HCRoadie

    Music room project

    For my birthday my wife got me all the parts and bits to spruce up the closet door in the music room. It was a fun little project
  19. HCRoadie

    Ngd prs se

    I can not understand how PRS is able to build such a quality piece of kit for such little money. The Korean plant is doing stellar work. I may be mistaken, but I believe that I read that the SE model is "touched up" at the Maryland factory....Anyhow, check it!
  20. HCRoadie

    Headstock Break Question

    What seems to be the best way to keep glue out of the truss rod channel? Thanks in advance for your help.

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